5 valuable lessons about life and family Marry Me Marry You taught viewers

Throughout its four month-run, Marry Me Marry You has indeed never failed to make our weeknight viewing more kilig and heartwarming through its well-executed episodes. But aside from the compelling performances of the actors, refreshing narrative, and touching and relatable scenes, what makes this series extra delighting are the lessons it has instilled to the viewers.

And as the well-loved primetimes series approaches its thrilling conclusion this week, let’s look back on the five valuable lessons that it has instilled to us in this episode of Friday 5.


Honesty will always be the best policy

In dire need of money for Elvie’s (Cherry Pie Picache), Kelvin (Adrian Lindayag), Jomer (Luis Vera Perez), Jamie (Angelica Lao), and Koleene (Analain Salvador) agreed to take the huge amount of cash they saw at the cafeteria unattended. Seeing it as an opportunity for them to help in their finances, they presented it to their parents.

However, all of them, including their Ate Camille (Janine Gutierrez), objected and urged them to surrender it to the admin office. They were able to return it to the owner – a distressed mother who would use it for the medication of her cancer-stricken child.


Forgive because everyone deserves a second chance

Her life may have been put in danger when two of her former subordinates intended to kill her after they got suspended because of her, Elvie still chose to forgive and emancipate one of the suspects upon hearing his sob story that propelled him to exact revenge against him.

Even though her husband Victor (Lito Pimentel) highly opposed the idea, she stood by her decision and told him, “Gusto ko lang maniwala kasi na lahat ng taong nagkakamali, dapat binibigyan ng pangalawang pagkataon. Pangalawang pagkakataon para itama lahat ng pagkakamali niya, para bigyan siya ng kapatawaran, ‘di ba?

Indeed, everybody deserves a second chance, right?


Do not be quick to judge

As Victor suffered heart attack, Kelvin, Jomer, Jamie, and Koleene once again offered their help to their parents and Ate Camille in paying the hospital bills. They came up with various ways to earn – Jomer sold his phone, Jamie played online games, and they all went busking – which they hid from their parents.

Their suspicious behaviors may have made their parents worry about and angry at them, especially when they went home with Kelvin sustaining wounds after fighting to those who snatched their money, but their hearts softened and anger subsided immediately when they told them that they did it for Victor.


Reputation and relationships are more important than money

After their hard-earned money got scammed, it started to take a toll on the friendship of Elvie, Paula (Sunshine Dizon), and Marvi (Vina Morales), as well as of their husbands. As they discovered a luggage containing bundles of money, Myke (Jett Pangan) and Marvi thought that it’s already enough for them to pay their debts and return the money invested by their other recruits, to which Victor and Elvie highly objected.

This sparked their quarrel, which their kids were able to pacify as they reminded them of what they told them when Elvie got hospitalized and they found a huge amount of cash. The besties and their husbands realized their mistake and patched things up among them.


Learn to say sorry

Just like any kind of relationship, it’s inevitable for friends to have misunderstandings, too. While saying sorry could be hard for some of us because of pride, Elvie, Paula, and Marvi mustered the courage to talk it out and apologized to one another for the hurtful things they did. They reminded themselves of the pact they made with their late friend and Camille’s mother Judith (Lotlot de Leon) that no matter what happens, they will have a home in each other.


For sure, avid viewers are going to miss Marry Me Marry You once it ends this coming Friday. So, you better not miss the “Merrily Ever After?” finale on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, and TV5!