Marry Me Marry You Janine Paulo

Just on the first few episodes of their first-ever teleserye project together, Marry Me Marry You, Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino are already filling our evenings with kilig and delight through their unmistakable chemistry as Camille and Andrei.  

But before the happenings get more exciting in the upcoming episodes, let us revisit five of their thrilling scenes together in this Friday 5 feature. 

Some viewers, particularly those who Korean drama fans, expressed on social media how the first encounter of Andrei and Camille reminded them of the Hallyu series they have seen. Their lives unlikely intertwined via an accident, wherein Andrei seemingly hit Camille with his car. But as it turned out, she only lost her consciousness out of sheer fright when she saw him approaching at her direction. This made him assume that she was one of those people who carry out the modus of pretending to be hit by posh cars just to extort money from the owners or drivers. 

And the universe apparently made their paths cross for a valuable reason, as it they unexpectedly met again at the coffee shop where she works as a barista and he’s a customer. Seeing him indeed stupefied Camille and dodged his question regarding their frequent customer Mr. Martin Mercado (Joel Saracho). Andrei eventually realized that she’s the woman he bumped into the night before and brandished her bracelet left inside his car when he took her to the hospital. 

They may have a cat-and-dog relationship at the onset, that began to change when he offered him a side hustle that would allow her to earn five times of her wage as a barista, in exchange of helping him persuade Mr. Mercado to meet with them for a project proposal. She was initially hesitant to accept it, but since their family is in dire need of money for the hospitalization of her Mamang Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache), she agreed to it. 

Camille began her preparations for her on-the-spot presentation to Mr. Mercado and impressed him. She was also able to mend the rift between him and Andrei after compelling the latter to apologize for whatever he did to the former in the past. They successfully convinced him to show up on their formal presentation, with the condition that it’s her who would present. This thrilled her so much, which made her hug Cedric (Jake Ejercito) and then Andrei subconsciously. 

As they got ready for their meeting with Mr. Mercado, they were compelled to stay at Andrei’s office overnight. Viewers definitely got kilig when Andrei fixed her blanket while she was sleeping on the couch, and when she prepared breakfast for him the following morning. We probably could relate with Camille when she couldn’t help herself from staring at the handsome face of the sleeping Andrei and internally gush over how flawless and angelic he is. 

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