5 jealous moments of Cedric as Camille and Andrei grow closer in Marry Me, Marry You

Viewers of Kapamilya series Marry Me, Marry You adore Cedric (Jake Ejercito) for being a devoted best friend to Andrei (Paulo Avelino). But the charming, cool guy has his jealous moments as well since Camille (Janine Gutierrez) came into the picture. He likes the girl. The problem is she’s in love with the best friend.

This Friday 5 feature will give you all the ‘feels’ as Cedric quietly drowns in jealousy watching Camille and Andrei’s friendship blossom into romance. We begin with the scene where Camille eavesdropped on Andrei and his dad Emilio (Edu Manzano)’s argument. After the meeting that followed, Cedric offered Camille a ride but she made an excuse.

Then he caught her walking toward Andrei’s office. Now aware that Camille stayed a little longer to comfort and talk to Andrei, Cedric was kind of hurt. Yet, he also waited for Camille to finish her ‘tasks’ so he could drive her home.

Cedric tried to test how much Camille can put up with Andrei’s attitude. He apologized for his best friend’s behavior and thought maybe it was time for Andrei to develop accountability. Poor Cedric felt a sharp pang in the heart when Camille still defended Andrei’s actions. He saw that she was sensitive to Andrei’s feelings and willing to give unconditional support. To make himself feel a little better, Cedric volunteered to help Camille re-pot the plants.

There was a scene where Camille approached Andrei to give him a cup of coffee, encouragement, and a sweet smile to boot. In another, she stayed late at work to finish a presentation. When Andrei checked on her, all he saw was her unbreakable fighting spirit. Since it was raining, he decided to drive her home. All these little ‘kilig’ moments moved things faster between them.

Cedric started to notice Andrei and Camille’s growing closeness. In a meeting, he watched the two talk with their eyes and smiles – as if there were M.U. (mutual understanding) butterflies all around.

Here’s something that almost broke Cedric’s heart- Camille and Andrei had a conversation about working as a team. She assured him that he will never be alone because they’re a family. Moved by her beautiful words, Andrei touched Camille’s hand to thank her. Cedric came and caught the sweet gesture. 

Is Andrei breaking the ‘bro code’ for falling for the girl his best friend likes? Watch out for more exciting and ‘kilig to the bones’ moments in Marry Me, Marry You, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.