5 ‘gigil’ catfight scenes of Elvie and Lavinia in Marry Me, Marry You

When the past interferes with the present, as in the case of an ex-lover and the feisty new girlfriend, expect a whole new level of conflict that may even come with all-out confrontations. That’s what happened to Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) and Lavinia (Teresa Loyzaga) in the rom-com series Marry Me, Marry You and we collect the most intense and unintentionally hilarious ones in this Friday 5 feature.   

We begin with Elvie stalking Andrei (Paulo Avelino), her son with ex-boyfriend Emilio (Edu Manzano), at the condominium building where he lives. She meant no harm, just trying to take a glimpse of the son she dearly misses despite her friends Paula (Sunshine Dizon) and Marvi (Vina Morales)’s constant lectures about letting go. Lavinia, Emilio’s current partner, caught Elvie and felt she needed to act fast. 

Lavinia had her nemesis investigated. Now she had plenty of information to use in blackmailing Elvie. It was her way of warning her to back off. Then it led to a confrontation, with the two women exchanging threats on who really has the power to ruin one’s family.

The next scene witnessed how Lavinia attacked Elvie at the latter’s workplace. She started calling her names, convinced that Elvie was trying to steal Emilio. She said the nameplate that Elvie left in Emilio’s car when they had a conversation would count as evidence. 

Elvie replied that she was there to talk about Andrei and that she’s tired of explaining herself. Well Lavinia seemed to have the upper hand. She is, after all, Emilio’s current partner. But she was triggered and embarrassed when asked why Emilio hasn’t proposed to her yet. Then it led to an all-out riot with ‘sampalan.’

Lavinia used her influence to fire Elvie from work after that incident. She said she can do more. She would simply need to check on Elvie’s family’s background and destroy their reputation including that of Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and Kelvin (Adrian Lindayag), who just graduated cum laude.

In the next scene, Lavinia went to her rival’s house for another round of squabble. She heard Elvie and Emilio have been in speaking terms again. The furious partner was of course mad, so much so the confrontation got physical. Lavinia pushed Elvie then escaped when the latter got hurt.

Marvi and Paula heard the commotion and came to their friend’s rescue. The intense catfight turned hilarious as Paula threw a rock at Lavinia’s car and got exaggeratedly worried.

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