10 times Emilio tried to make Andrei fail in Marry Me, Marry You

Parents are expected to nurture the life they brought into the world but there are unfortunate instances when they become their own child’s source of discouragement. Take a look at Emilio (Edu Manzano) from the primetime series Marry Me Marry You. He not only neglects Andrei (Paulo Avelino) but also doesn’t let him win at anything and does other horrible things to his own son, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist.  

Emilio has been emotionally distant since Andrei was a kid. In a flashback scene, he told the young Andrei to stop waiting for his mom Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) to come back. Andrei received a game boy from a stranger. He looked around and found his mother watching him from afar. He tried to run after her but Emilio came and ordered him to throw out distractions such as the toy he was holding.

Emilio let Andrei grow up feeling inadequate, unwanted, and singled out. It got worse when he and new partner Laviña (Teresa Loyzaga) had a son, Xavier (Keann Johnson). The father, supposed to play fair, now has his favorite.

The toxic father and son relationship extends from home to office as Andrei works for his father’s company. Emilio created competition between his two kids by ditching Andrei’s project while backing that of Xavier’s. In a scene, Andrei tried to defend Juan Signal against Xavier’s mediocre proposal, saying he only needs minimal funding. But, however promising Andrei and his project is, Emilio will never be convinced.

Even when Andrei decided to put up his own company, United Tech, Emilio remained determined to put him down. He has no faith in Andrei’s talent, telling him he’s making the wrong decisions and heading for disaster. Camille (Janine Gutierrez) butted in. That’s how Emilio knew Camille as one of the few loyal employees and friends from Andrei’s camp.

If Emilio can’t crush Andrei’s grit, he will try to dismantle his team. There was a scene where he convinced Camille to move to his company by giving her a good offer. But Camille isn’t one to sacrifice her morals. She said she’d rather be in a struggling company that values her principles. She boldly questioned Emilio’s horrid parenting, wondering why the man gets satisfied by belittling his own son.

When Emilio learned about Andrei and Camille’s relationship, he was willing to shell out ten million pesos just to break them. He offered the money to Camille, in a tone that’s full of disrespect. Camille, of course, chose Andrei.

Emilio doesn’t stop ruining Andrei’s relationships even with Xavier. When he found out about the brothers’ reconciliation, Emilio, with Lavina’s help, tried to manipulate Xavier into dumping Andrei. However, Xavier knew better. He said he’s seen how Emilio tried hard to make Andrei fail.

It appears like Emilio’s biggest goal is to see Andrei miserable. He won’t let him succeed, so even if he let him launch Juan Signal, he planted a mole to work on Andrei’s unexpected loss. The next scene revealed that he hired Valerie (Kiara Takahashi) to invest in United Tech and soon withdraw without a warning.

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