Elvie Paula Marvi Kapamilya Toplist

Losing a parent is definitely one of the toughest and most painful things that could ever happen in a person’s life, as this also means losing someone who constantly guides you, supports you in the highs and lows of life, and loves you unconditionally. 

But the weight definitely becomes lighter when you have people around you who would shower you with love, support, and energy that would propel you to keep moving on in life. Just like what happened to Camille, remarkably portrayed by award-winning actress Janine Gutierrez, in Marry Me Marry You who is more than blessed to have found not only one, not only two, but three mother figures in her mom’s reliable best friends Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache), Marvi (Vina Morales, and Paula (Sunshine Dizon), who have taken the responsibility of looking after her after her mom succumbed to cancer when she was still young. 

And now that the well-loved primetime series is already down to its few remaining episodes, let’s reminisce the 10 scenes when the amazing trio showed their motherly love to Camille in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

Having known each other and being friends for a long time, it’s has become apparently innate for these besties to be there for one another, especially in times of need. We had witnessed how Elvie, Marvi, and Paula immediately came to the rescue upon finding out that Judith (Lotlot de Leon) was rushed to the hospital at the beginning of the series. They offered not just financial aid to her, but even willingly donated blood.

As Judith approached her last days, they made sure to send her off with happy memories by putting up a small party for the five of them and with the promise of taking good care of Camille as if she’s their own child. And they indeed stayed true to their vow as they made sure to look after Camille’s welfare growing up – from providing her needs and sending her to school up to giving her whatever support she needs – even though each of them already has their own family and Camille is already a grown-up!

They’re by her side every time she faces difficulties in life, such as her breakup with her former boyfriend, failure to get a well-compensating job, and the struggles she had to face in her relationship with Andrei (Paulo Avelino) – giving her some picker-upper and words of wisdom that could help her get through those. Besides, they’re also willing to defend and protect her from everything or everyone that would hurt her and console her cheer her up whenever she’s losing hope, feeling downcast, or getting anxious.  

However, just like in any friendships, it’s also inevitable for them to have misunderstandings as well. But they were reminded by the uplifting, wise words that their late best friend Judith always used to tell them – “Kahit na anong mangyari, kahit saan tayo mapunta, basta meron tayong babalikan sa isa’t isa”. After all, they are “pamilyang matibay” at “pamilyang matatag” who firmly believes that “family is forever”.

Of course, they’re not only there for each other in sadness and troubles, but in good times as well. From Camille’s marriage with Andrei to Paula’s relationship with Luke (Fino Herrera) finally getting the blessing of her unica hija Koleene (Analain Salvador), we saw how the three of them, including Camille, expressed their happiness and all-out support for one another.

Indeed, Camille is blessed enough to have found mother figures in them! Do not miss the remaining episodes in the “Merrily Ever After?” finale week of Marry Me Marry You to see how Elvie, Paula, and Marvi are going to further show their motherly love to Camille!