10 times Elvie, Paula, and Marvi proved they’re BFF goals in Marry Me, Marry You

Friends that turn into family are rare. They’re the strangers you would want to grow old with, always present even in the ugliest seasons, and ready to give you the best kind of therapy – laughter. They are gifts from the universe as how Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache), Paula (Sunshine Dizon), and Marvi (Vina Morales) treat one another. Marvel at the trio’s solid and fun friendship in this Kapamilya Toplist from Marry Me, Marry You.

Elvie, Paula, and Marvi have already surpassed a lot of storms such as losing the one-fourth of their sisterhood, Judith (Lotlot de Leon) to cancer until they became instant moms to Judith’s orphaned daughter, Camille (Janine Gutierrez). The trio promised to have each other’s back, and through the years, their relationship has been loaded with laughter. It’s as if getting silly is their best form of therapy.

For instance, they often infuse hospital scenes with hilarious banter. When then-critical Judith was rushed to the hospital, Paula made things light by acting hysterical and struggling to breathe. Although she’s really scared, her natural humor soothed Camille’s fear.

Their conversations are both sentimental and funny like in that scene where Camille mentioned over a dishwashing session that she’s working for the grumpy Andrei (Paulo Avelino). The three ‘ninangs’ exaggerated their sense of concern, declaring war with anyone who would mistreat their beloved Cam-Cam, using the utensils as props.

What’s not to love about closeness and hilarity that never lost to adulthood? In the hospital after her surgery, Elvie opened her eyes to Paula and Marvi waiting by the bedside. She blurted out that she doesn’t want to see her BFFs because she’s not supposed to laugh to keep her surgical wound from opening. But how could she not crack a smile when her besties are around?

Getting someone to laugh with in the most stressful time is truly a blessing. If it weren’t for her ‘mars,’ Paula wouldn’t find the courage to fight for her feelings for Luke (Fino Herrera). In that scene, Paula confessed that she’s fallen for the young student-gym instructor. They poked fun at the couple’s wide age gap, inserting humor wherever it fits. Elvie quipped that Luke could pass as Paula’s son. But the way they get each other’s punchline only shows they connect to their souls.

More than the inside jokes, their friendship works thanks to their unbreakable commitment. They are each other’s shoulder to cry on during the most devastating moments, for one, the time Elvie was forced to abandon Andrei as a child. As years pass, Paula and Marvi keep on reminding that Elvi’s decision doesn’t make her a bad mom. Together, they would turn sentimental while stalking Andrei on social media.

So when Camille spilled her romance with Andrei, the trio took turns trying to change her mind. Aren’t friends supposed to guard our secrets? Besides, they wanted to avoid complicating the situation once Camille learns Elvie’s relation to Andrei. Later on, they figured it would be best to support the relationship and let Camille lead the estranged mother and son to each other.

The biggest test of their bond, so far, is falling victims to a scam. Marvi and husband Myke (Jett Pangan) recruited their friends into a big opportunity that was later on revealed as an investment scam. The frustrations and shock led to a major fight. Everyone said their piece, choosing hurtful words that almost broke their friendship. But thanks to Camille, they were reminded of all the battles they fought altogether. Elvie, Paula, and Marvi love each other so much that it doesn’t take much strength for them to forgive.

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