10 times Cedric persisted to win Camille’s heart in Marry Me, Marry You

The guy makes the cutest, sweetest confessions! Although the underdog since the beginning, Cedric (Jake Ejercito) shows no signs of quitting as Camille (Janine Gutierrez)’s persistent suitor. He will do everything and swallow even the most brutally honest rejection – all in the name of love. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that shows how Cedric goes out of his way to get Camille’s “yes” in the romcom series Marry Me Marry You.

He was rejected early, yes, but that didn’t stop Cedric from caring for Camille. The day after he was ‘basted,’ he tried to ease the awkwardness by casually asking her out for a coffee date. But she turned down the invite, saying she wants to focus on her work for Juan Signal. Cedric, albeit hurt and embarrassed, said he understands if Camille is not yet ready. After all, he’s willing to wait.

Unlike his best friend and rival Andrei (Paulo Avelino), Cedric can charm a woman with his warmth. He can coat his words with romance. There was a scene where he and Camille stared at the night sky outside the office. He said he’s been looking after his family all his life, thus the desire to be taken care of. He wishes for a woman that’s sincere and nurturing like Camille. Camille commented that he also owns the same qualities, to which Cedric replied, “We can take care of each other.”

It was followed by flashbacks of Camille attending to Cedric’s cancer-stricken mom. The scene also showed the first time Cedric unpacked his feelings for Camille. He confessed while a slide presentation rolls behind him as if winning a client, winning Camille.

Then again, he lost to Andrei. The turn of events almost ruined Andrei and Cedric’s friendship but the latter decided to entrust Camille to his best friend. Soon, Andrei and Camille broke up, paving the way for Cedric to make a move.

Cedric was there to support Camille through her sadness. In a scene, he surprised her with a cake to somehow make her forget. Then, they played by smudging icing on their faces until Camille broke down and cried. Cedric offered his shoulder for Camille to cry on. He wanted to be his comfort and happiness.

So in the next scene, Cedric brought Camille to a restaurant and treated her to an adorable dance
number. He looked so cute it was impossible not to make Camille smile. Then, after Andrei’s flowery confession, the backup dancers revealed their placards forming the phrase “I still love you.” Cedric told Camille that she can choose to be happy with him.

However, Camille seemed stuck in the past that she easily forgot Cedric’s effort.  Crying, she expressed her sentiments about missing and still loving Andrei.

Albeit hurt, Cedric promised to never give up until Camille finally heals and opens up her heart again. He continued wooing her. One time, he dropped by her house bringing food for the family. He also tried his best to help her find a new job.

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