10 times Camille and Andrei charmed viewers with their chemistry in Marry Me, Marry You

One of the best parts of Marry Me, Marry You is the natural chemistry of Andrei (Paulo Avelino) and Camille (Janine Gutierrez). They give us our much-needed dose of ‘kilig’ just by their casual exchange, and even if he is a bit unfriendly on some days. So here’s a Kapamilya Toplist rounding up the scenes that brought us sparks from the first two weeks of the newest primetime series. 

Nothing could make first meetings as strange and intriguing the way kismet does. Camille lost consciousness when Andrei accidentally hit her with his car, so he was forced to rush her to the hospital. But he left without waiting for her to wake up, assuming that she’s a scammer who hits herself against a moving car to extort money. While they had no interaction, Camille and Andrei looked so good in a single frame that viewers already felt the spark. 

Kismet did it again when Andrei found himself needing Camille’s help in closing a deal with Mr. Mercado (Joel Saracho), a regular customer in the coffee shop where Camille works as a barista. She was then hired to work part-time for Andrei’s company. 

The headquarters is now a witness to Andrei and Camille’s blossoming friendship. There was a scene where he covered her with a blanket while she was sleeping on a couch in the office. In another scene, she brought breakfast to his office and found him still sleeping. Camille didn’t help but sit beside her boss and gushed about how the universe made him look so perfectly handsome, although she also commented on his unfriendly attitude. 

One of the scenes that brought them closer was when Camille saved a devastated Andrei from falling off a ledge. He was drunk and broken, lamenting about his desire to prove his worth. It was when Camille realized why Andrei was cold and distant. She felt his pain. And later on, she would try to meddle in his broken relationship with his father Emilio (Edu Manzano). But Andrei didn’t like her invading his personal affairs. 

Despite the walls, Andrei unknowingly displayed his caring side when he saved Camille from her ex-boyfriend Rick (Akihiro Blanco)’s harassment. Rick left but not without giving Andrei a good punch.  

Akin to a K-drama, CamDrei’s umbrella scene gave us warm fuzzy feelings! Camille was walking in the middle of the road when it suddenly rained. It was too late for Cedric (Jake Ejercito) to come out of his car as Andrei walked from the opposite direction, bringing an opened umbrella to protect Camille. 

The scene cut to Camille trying to dry herself inside Andrei’s car. She was surprised, and obviously ‘kilig to the bones,’ when he handed her a towel. 

Nothing spells romance than sweet gestures but words are just powerful. In a scene, Andrei finally admitted that he values Camille. It happened after he defended her from a furious Emilio. She thanked him for that, and he said he will never let even his own dad insult her because “mahalaga ka sa akin.” 

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