10 scenes that show Patricia’s obsession with Andrei in Marry Me, Marry You

We’ve all heard of a crazy, obsessed ex-girlfriend, who doesn’t seem to run out of determination in winning her ex-boyfriend back even if the guy is already in a new relationship, let alone committed to a marriage. In the romantic-comedy series Marry Me, Marry You, we see one in the character of Patricia (Iana Bernardez), whose undying feelings for Andrei (Paulo Avelino) is beginning to look like desperation. Check out how she tries her best to steal Andrei from Camille (Janine Gutierrez) via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Patricia’s heart beats solely for Andrei. At one point, she got tired of just dating and being friends with him that she ended up popping the question in the middle of a romantic date night she set up herself. Girl proposing to a guy may seem empowering but not if it’s obviously a one-sided love. Patricia almost begged Andrei to say ‘yes’ but he didn’t.

The rejection did not break her plans. In one scene, an intoxicated Patricia went to Andre’s unit to convince him to let her solve his problems. She offered one hundred million pesos to save his company and wanted Andrei’s commitment in return. Patricia started kissing Andrei, who was also too drunk to resist.

The scene cut to Camille picking up the cell phone she left at Andrei’s unit. She found Andrei sleeping on the couch. To her surprise, a red mini-dress and female garment were scattered on the floor. Somebody turned on the shower. Camille opened the bathroom door and found Patricia taking a bath.

It was followed by a confrontation. The ‘ex’ tried to ruin the current girlfriend’s confidence by telling her that Andrei never gets serious with other women. Patricia said she and Andrei get intimate even without a label and whether he’s dating someone else or not. That’s why she’s certain Camille would end up just like Andrei’s past flavors of the month – dumped as soon as he loses interest.

The next scene witnessed Patricia’s conversation with Lavinia (Teresa Loyzaga), who acts like her guru in all things desperate and evil. She opened up about her undying love for Andrei and sharing fond memories with him since childhood. Lavinia called it obsession. She knows because she herself is obsessed with the power that comes with her relationship with Emilio (Edu Manzano).

Patricia has wild cravings for Andrei that she’s willing to be his pastime if that’s the only way to get close to him. She also thought of conniving with Cedric (Jake Ejercito), who has special feelings for Camille. Asked why the strong desire to be with Andrei, Patricia recalled the time he rushed her to the hospital after they got into a car accident. Cedric stressed that it was nothing but a normal act of kindness. For Patricia, however, it’s a sign of Andrei’s unspoken love for her.

Patricia panicked upon learning about Andrei’s plans to leave the country, more so upon seeing Andre and Camille’s wedding photos on social media.

In the recent episodes, not only Camille and Andrei are gearing up for parenthood as Patricia also conceived her child with Cedric. While this may look like the perfect sign of fresh beginnings for both camps, it’s difficult to see if Patricia has really given up on Andrei.

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