10 scenes that made you want to ship Cedric and Camille in Marry Me, Marry You

K-drama lovers know how second lead syndrome feels. It’s when you couldn’t help but root for the other guy who’s sweet, caring, and thoughtful, even if you know he wouldn’t end up with the girl he likes, the female lead.

That’s the kind of vibes Cedric (Jake Ejercito) is giving us in the Kapamilya teleserye Marry Me, Marry You. Find out why in this Kapamilya Toplist that encapsulates how he slowly fell in love with Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and how he took a step back after her rejection, knowing deep inside that she’s beginning to like his best friend, Andrei (Paulo Avelino).

Cedric was easily charmed by Camille and we can’t blame him. The girl has a big heart and is bubbly and smart. And when she helped the company win an investor’s trust, Cedric was all the more impressed by her game-changing attitude. After persuading Mr, Mercado (Joel Saracho) to consider their offer, Cedric was surprised when Camille gave him a celebratory hug.

He was there to guide during her first days in the office. He was welcoming and supportive, unlike the cold and serious Andrei. There was a scene where Andrei convinced Camille to work for him again because she needed the money. Cedric entered the office and cheered on Camille, tagging her as the company’s savior. While Andrei was scared to admit that the team needs Camille, Cedric gave her the validation she deserves. He loves to acknowledge her contribution to the company, however big or small.

One of Cedric’s sweetest gestures is driving Camille home, everyday if he could. In a scene, while driving, he couldn’t help but take glances at the pretty girl on the passenger’s seat while sharing stories throughout the ride. He didn't forget to praise and thank her for her efforts for the company. Then, Camille introduced Cedric to her aunts Marvi (Vina Morales) and Paula (Sunshine Dizon), who were obviously ‘kilig.’

The rides going home got more frequent. There was a time when Cedric even sacrificed his time to secretly wait for Camille to finish her tasks. While on the way, he received an emergency call about his cancer-stricken mom, Luisa (Ana Abad Santos).

They arrived at Cedric's house and found Luisa vomiting and feeling weak. Camille took care of Cedric’s mom. She knew exactly what to do to make the woman feel better. Asked why, she said her mom had cancer as well. Watching how Camille treated his mom with tenderness and how Luisa felt so comfortable with her, Cedric couldn’t help but fall deeper in love.

That’s when he knew he was struck by Cupid’s arrow. Cedric didn’t waste time and gave Camille a super cute confession. He let her watch a presentation he made. And akin to winning a client, Cedric stood in front of Camille to discuss the slides, which ended with an image of a heart. Then he talked about how one person changed his world. “Camille, I’m hooked on you. So hooked, na kailangan ko pang idaan sa presentation na ‘to para lang masabi ko sa’yo na I really like you,” he told her.

But then again, Camille wanted to focus on her work and have more time to get over her breakup with Rick (Akihiro Blanco). One morning in the office, he tried to invite her for breakfast or coffee. She refused. He said he’s willing to wait. And we couldn’t help but feel sympathetic over his poor, broken heart.

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