10 scenes that celebrate the love story of newlyweds Camille and Andrei in Marry Me, Marry You

One message we got from Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and Andrei (Paulo Avelino) tying the knot in last week’s episode of Marry Me, Marry You, is that marriage isn’t about how glamorous the event is but how fierce the commitment is between two people in love. It’s the journey toward the altar and its aftermath that truly make the heart full. And because we still can’t get over CamDrei’s big day, here’s a Kapamilya Toplist that celebrates the newlyweds’ love story.  

Camille and Andrei’s love is pure kismet. Sparks flew and he even thought of her as a scammer when they met during a road accident. Then they became workmates and got to know each other better. There’s a scene where Camille gazed at Andrei’s face while he was asleep, marvelling at his manly gorgeousness, and clueless that time will come they’ll be sleeping together as husband and wife.

They used to be total opposites. She’s bubbly while he’s unfriendly. Hence, they never saw love coming until Camille witnessed Andrei in his most raw and devastated state one night at the rooftop when he got drunk. Camille saw the real Andrei and his deep, unspoken longing for true love.

The pair low-key cared for each other since and we’re all for the kilig moments that happened. One of the most unforgettable is the scene where she got caught in the rain before she’s able to get a ride from work. Andrei, with an open umbrella, walked fast toward Camille to save her from the rain. The scene cut to Camille trying to dry herself inside Andrei’s car. She was surprised but obviously ‘kilig’ when he handed her a towel. The cantankerous boss slowly turned soft, thanks to the powerful and life-changing effects of love.

Then, the first kiss! He failed to control his feelings when they figured out they’ve already met as kids, that she was the little girl who saved him from drowning. Soon, during the launch of Juan Signal, Andrei revealed his love for Camille and they officially became a couple.

A lot has happened since, both good and bad. But Camille and Andrei’s relationship showed strong potential. In a romantic outdoor date at a place that reminds Camille of her mother’s memories, Andrei popped the question and got a ‘yes.’

Then it was time to tie the knot! Despite the problems surrounding their families, Camille and Andrei exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony. There were just the two of them looking forward to a lifetime of love. Their first night as a husband and wife was just purely romantic.

Their love is always calming and hopeful – that’s how we see it watching them watch the sunset. In that scene, Camille recalled her mom Judith (Lotlot de Leon) would always tell her that sunsets are symbols of God’s promises, as if telling us that tomorrow is a chance to start fresh. Camille called it the magic hour, magnificent like a painting, but we think the beauty of their love will put even the most enchanting sunsets to shame.

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