10 scenes of Sunshine and Fino in Marry Me, Marry You that will make your PauLuke heart happy

There’s a major conflict looming behind Luke (Fino Herrera) and Paula (Sunshine Dizon)’s friendship and you, rooting for them since day one, are kind of worried. So here’s something to set you in the mood for ‘kilig’ and help you keep the faith in PauLuke! Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that rounds up their cutest, sweetest scenes in Marry Me, Marry You.

Age is just a number and destiny is full of surprises. Luke and Paula would know. The PauLuke ship started sailing when Paula began her ‘balik-alindog’ program and got Luke as her fitness coach. One time, he saved her from the bullies at the gym and it paved the way for their closeness.

After that incident, Luke opened up to Paula about his experience getting bullied. Showing his old photo, he said he used to be puny and weak, thus easily intimidated. So he started working out to beef up not just the physique but especially his confidence. And that’s what he likes his clients like Paula to realize – that power begins with self-love. He said that as Paula learns to fully love herself, she’d be able to gain her confidence back and the physical glow-up will be just a bonus.

Luke didn’t waste time. He started inviting Paula for dinner, or merienda when she has to go home early for her daughter Koleene (Analain Salvador). Paula was hesitant at first but Luke was persistent. The most impressive thing he did at that time was to wait outside her workplace for three hours.

Their friendship took a step further since Luke was hospitalized having been beaten up by the gym-goers who insulted Paula. Guilty, or maybe it was something deeper than that, Paula made an effort to take care of Luke in the hospital. She even skipped work one time to accompany him. She also volunteered to help him settle the bill, although he didn’t let her.

Luke unpacked his feelings. He asked for permission to visit Paula in her house to earn her daughter and friends’ approval. Still shy about dating a younger guy and concerned with Koolene’s feelings, Paula decided to take it slowly. The good thing is Luke understands her situation. He never takes advantage of her feelings, always romantic and decent. He just made sure she knows his intentions and that he’s willing to wait for her “yes.”

Although, he assumed they’re already a couple when he got to kiss her. Luke showed up at Paula’s house and surprised her with flowers. In panic, they lost their balance and fell to the ground and were caught by Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache). What an awkward and funny way to introduce your potential boyfriend to your friend!

In the succeeding scene, Paula and Luke were joined by Elvie and Marvi (Vina Morales) for lunch. The ‘Titas’ low-key touched on the pair’s age gap. They told him to focus on his studies like what they usually advise their kids.

Luke’s response was full of courage and admiration for Paula. He explained that she’s not a distraction, if that's what others assume. The truth is she’s an inspiration to him because of her strength. 

In the next scenes, Luke promised to always be by Paula’s side and said he’s serious about pursuing her. They also talked about love at first sight, specifically Koleene’s special feelings for a cute guy she hasn’t even known yet.

How will Paula react if she finds out that Koleene’s crush is none other than Luke? Don’t miss an episode of Marry Me, Marry You, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.