10 scenes of Laviña and Patricia cooking schemes to bring trouble to Andrei in Marry Me Marry You

Love, obsession, and power – Laviña (Teresa Loyzaga) and Patricia (Iana Bernardez) allow their lives to revolve around these things. And to get what they want, they don’t mind doing evil to their ultimate target, Andrei (Paulo Avelino) and the people close to him. Check out the duo’s schemes in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the rom-com series Marry Me, Marry You.

Laviña calls Andrei, the stepson she despises, a trash, but in reality, her motivation comes from feelings of insecurity and fear. She knows Andrei and his mom Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) will always be a big part of Emilio (Edu Manzano)’s life and that Andrei is a threat to her son Xavier (Keann Johnson) taking over Emilio’s company one day.

So when Andrei was close to completing his project, Juan Signal, Laviña tried to halt its success. If there’s one thing she’s good at, it would be cooking schemes that would bring trouble to Andrei. Her ‘kontrabida’ prowess levelled up with the help of Patricia, whose special feelings toward Andrei are so skewed up it can turn into dangerous obsession. Laviña asked Patricia to demonize Andrei to a friend, who is related to a Juan Signal investor. They would sabotage, steal, and do everything in their evil powers to make Andrei fail.

Laviña and Patricia don’t mind dragging innocent people into their wrongdoings, especially when it involves Elvie and Camille (Janine Gutierrez). There was a scene where they worked as a team to humiliate Camille in front of Emilio and the company’s bosses. They questioned her abilities as a neophyte, with Patricia touching on Camille’s personal relationship with Andrei.

In another scene where they caught Andrei and Camille dating, Patricia congratulated her rival for luring a ‘big fish.’ Laviña also said her piece. In full sarcasm, she acknowledged the success of Juan Signal but also warned Andrei to not be so complacent, saying business is a marathon and not a sprint.

Laviña and Patricia will mess up Andrei’s life every chance they get. However, problems piled up at one point when Elvie started reaching out to Andrei. The ladies were inside the elevator talking about the possibilities of Elvie and Emilio meeting again. Just the thought triggered Laviña’s bad attitude, so much so she pushed an employee out of the elevator. Yes, she is that cold-hearted. She’s so good at power playing and flaunting her position in society.

As the schemes continue, Patricia was able to turn the tables around by breaking Andrei and Camille’s relationship. Although it means victory for them, Laviña advised her to just pour her attention on another man worthy of her. Then again, Patricia doesn’t want to stop wanting the guy who doesn’t like her back. And by the looks of it, Laviña and Patricia have so much more evil plans up their sleeve.

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