10 heartwarming scenes Andrei and Cedric’s friendship in Marry Me, Marry You

Two words come to mind when we think of Andrei (Paulo Avelino) and Cedric (Jake Ejercito) from Marry Me, Marry You - friendship goals! Life may be hard at times but having each other is an antidote to all the burdens. 

In this Kapamilya Toplist from Marry Me, Marry You, we rounded up the scenes showing Andrei and Cedric’s heartwarming ‘bromance,’ starting with a failed presentation for Juan Signal. In times like these, Cedric gives Andrei unconditional support, knowing how much the latter values his dreams. Although totally different, Andrei has the temper while Cedric plays cool to the point of spoiling their employees, they can work together towards the same goal.

Cedric offered his loyalty to Andrei from the beginning. He followed every order, whether it’s work-related or personal matters. He stayed despite seeing Andrei at his worst. His limitless patience makes a difference like in the scene where Andrei interrupted his sleep only to deliver bad news over the phone. 

But once they’re out of the office, Cedric treats Andrei as his main man and not a boss. They don’t have to agree all the time to prove their closeness, especially when Cedric notices Andrei going off-track. Cedric is a reminder that a true friend offers fresh perspective. He won’t mind hurting Andrei’s ego as long as he opens his eyes to the truth and saves him from making silly decisions.

Having a best friend means there’s at least one person who’d stick around in your lowest moment – and remember your birthday every year. There was a cute, touching scene in the teleserye where the BFFs drank in a bar. Then a server came bringing a piece of cake. It turns out Cedric never forgets to greet Andrei on his birthday every year. And he shows no sign of stopping even if Andrei asks him to.

Also one of the best things about their friendship is they protect each other. In a scene, the employees flocked outside Andrei’s office to take photos of him sleeping on the couch. Then Cedric came to stop the commotion.

Their love for each other is so genuine they’re like brothers. Andrei promised to take care of Cedric and his mom Luisa (Ana Abad Santos) who’s under medication for cancer.

Then Camille (Janine Gutierrez) came into the picture. The girl was a game-changer, a savior according to Cedric. He helped Juan Signal pull off one of its most important projects, more so helped Andrei open up his heart again. But the problem is Cedric liked her first, and Andrei knew about it.

Will this be a case of romantic love messing up a good friendship? Don’t miss an episode of Marry Me, Marry You, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.