10 heartbreaking moments in Marry Me Marry You that showcased the compelling performances of the cast

Ever since it premiered last September 2021, our weeknights have been filled with kilig, good vibes, and inspiration brought by Marry Me Marry You. And just like any other series that we’ve seen, it also has its own share of heartwarming moments that made us shed a tear or broke our hearts. 

Now that the well-loved primetime series is in its “Merrily Ever After” finale week, let’s look back on 10 of the most heartbreaking moments that also showcased the compelling portrayals of the cast in this Kapamilya Toplist feature.

Just on its first week, veteran actresses Cherry Pie Picache, Vina Morales, Sunshine Dizon, and Lotlot de Leon, immediately astounded us with their versatility as they take on the roles of eternal besties Elvie, Marvi, Paula, and Judith, respectively. We found ourselves amused with their funny antics and, at the same time, touched in that scene where Elvie, Marvi, and Paula bade farewell to their cancer-stricken friend Judith.

As the refreshing narrative continued to unfold, the three actresses were able to further show off their dramatic chops. Sunshine’s heartfelt conversation with her onscreen daughter Analain Salvador (who plays Koleene) about not pushing herself to people who cannot love her back and learning to love herself first truly warmed our hearts.

Vina also stirred us in the breakdown scene of Marvi when she found out that her estranged mom was already dead. Although she abandoned her when she was still young, she couldn’t help but be hurt for not being able to patch things up between them and be by her side in her last days.

While we probably had mixed feelings towards his character Andrei in the early episodes because of how arrogant and indifferent he was, we eventually found ourselves beginning to sympathize with him during the rooftop scene, wherein Paulo Avelino broke our hearts with his incredible dramatic performance. He was able to pierce us as well when Andrei broke down after he and Camille lost their much-awaited firstborn.

His leading lady Janine Gutierrez was also able to prove why she’s an award-winning actress through her heartbreaking moments after her character Camille suffered miscarriage. She may not be a mom yet in real life, but she was able to exude the emotions that a woman who going through depression after losing her baby feels.

However, it wasn’t only the lead stars who were able to showcase their remarkable stints, but the supporting cast as well. Who would forget that moment wherein Adrian Lindayag moved the viewers with how he nailed the “coming out” scene of his character Kelvin, to which a lot of LGBTQIA+ people could relate to?

It may be the first time for many of us to see her act, but Iana Bernardez was able to impress us with her compelling portrayal of the distressed and cunning Patricia, who’s obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Andrei. While we despise her for being two-faced, we couldn’t help but took pity on her when she found that she’s pregnant and she had nobody by her side except her dad.

The same goes for newbie actor Jake Ejercito who immediately wowed us with his dramatic chops, especially during the breakdown moment of his character Cedric when he finally discovered that he’s not the biological dad of Patricia’s daughter Jasmine, whom he already loved with all his heart.

Are we going to see more heartbreaking moments in the remaining episode of Marry Me Marry You? Well, that’s for us to find out! Don’t miss the finale episode tonight on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z!