10 endearing scenes that prove Paula and Koleene’s big love for each other in Marry Me, Marry You

It’s pretty normal for a mother and daughter to go through rough patches in their relationship, hence Paula (Sunshine Dizon) and Koleene (Analain Salvador)’s occasional misunderstanding. But after each season of falling-out, they always find themselves reeling in closer to each other, ready to listen and sacrifice everything for each other’s happiness. Warm your hearts with their most adorable and touching scenes in this Kapamilya Toplist from rom-com series Marry Me, Marry You.

While Koleene has long accepted her parents’ split-up, she feels sandwiched between the two camps. Once, she asked for permission to spend the weekend with her father Aljo (Joko Diaz) and his new girlfriend, the woman he left his family for, Bella. It was just one of their typically amusing conversations as Paula talked to Koleene with sarcasm since the latter decided on her own.  

It turned out Paula was seeing things her daughter couldn’t and she’s just trying to protect her from getting hurt. Her fear comes from past experiences. Paula said Aljo will surely exclude Koleene from his life once Bella gets pregnant – as how he easily let go of their family when he met his mistress. She also warned Koleene to not believe in Bella’s kindness because the latter is simply faking it.

Then again, Koleene thought Paula was just feeling bitter. She had the same thoughts when she invited her mom to attend Bella’s birthday party.  

Proving Paula’s suspicion right is the scene where Bella confronted Aljo for giving Koleene extra money to help in Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) and Victor (Lito Pimentel)’s expenses. Two-faced Bella said these people aren’t even Aljo’s family.

Mothers know best, another proof is Paula’s no-nonsense advice about life and love. In a scene, Koleene opened up about a crush she fondly calls ‘cutie’ since she wasn’t able to get his name. It sounded so dreamy, thus Paula’s reminder to be careful in entering romantic relationships. She opened up about the crazy things she did for Aljo after learning about his affair with Bella. Later on, they’d find out that Koleene’s crush is none other than Luke (Fino Herrera), Paula’s boyfriend.

The revelation stripped Paula off her options, at the same time reminded her of her love for Koleene. She felt like she had no choice but to break up with Luke to give way for her daughter’s happiness. A bit guilty for keeping the truth, she made ways to thicken their closeness such as by shopping. Koleene noticed that Paula almost confronted the saleslady at the fitting room. Then Paula replied that she’ll never back down from anyone that walks all over her daughter.

Soon, Koleene discovers Paula and Luke’s secret relationship while the two were having a conversation about the scam they’ve gotten into. But the fight didn’t take long. When she decided her mom also deserves to be happy, Koleene dropped by Paula’s workplace bringing the latter’s favorite drink. When Luke visited their house, Koleene told Paula that she’s giving up her feelings for the guy.

We expect Paula to make all sorts of sacrifices for her daughter but it turns out Koleene can also give as much as a way of honoring her mother’s endless, unconditional love for her.

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