What we learned from Marvi’s life as a wife, mother, and friend in Marry Me, Marry You

From growing estranged from her mom to becoming a wife and a mother herself, Marvi (Vina Morales)’s journey has been full of obstacles, which she used as opportunities to move out of her comfort zone and learn. She’s the Tita who opened our eyes to keeping it real and reminded us why healing from emotional trauma is essential. Read on for more lessons learned from Marvi in Marry Me, Marry You.

There’s fulfilment in putting yourself together and showing the world your best, sure, but it shouldn’t come to a point of pretending to be rich just to impress. Marvi used to dream of a lavish lifestyle, which Myke (Jett Pangan) promised her as well, but as they built their own family, she has come to realize that love and togetherness are more important than material wealth.  

Often plagued with financial woes due to her husband’s unwise spending, Marvi boldly confronted Myke to stop living beyond their means. So, to wives out there handling the household’s finances, learn from Marvi’s experience – make sure you and hubby don’t lie about money.

Protect your husband and defend his honor. It just seems natural for men to give security and protection but sometimes, when things get tough, they’d also need their wives to stand up for them. When her friends accused Myke of conniving and hiding with the scammer, Marvi was quick to clear her husband’s reputation. She said Myke may be far from perfect yet he isn’t the kind to abandon his responsibilities. The way she saved his dignity despite the trouble she carries is proof that Marvi is on Myke’s team. 

The scene of Marvi opening up to Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and Andrei (Paulo Avelino) would enlighten every wife to, first, appreciate what her husband can only give and, second, trust his words.   

We also learned the heartbreaking story of Marvi and her estranged mother, who chose the easier life and abandoned her. It planted seeds of bitterness in Marvi’s heart which also grew as she got older, teaching us that healing is essential inside the home because unresolved trauma can harm a person’s relationship with others and even his view of himself. All her life, Marvi looked at herself as unwanted, abandoned. But when she decided to visit her mother after years of no contact, Marvi was surprised by news about her mother’s death. Moreover, she didn’t expect to hear stories of how much her mom longed for her.

Related to Marvi’s relationship with her mother, we’re also reminded that life is too short to hold grudges. Forgive because you never know how much time you have,

Despite the painful past, it’s never too late to start over. In a scene, Marvi enlightened her kids Jomer (Luis Vera Perez) and Jamie (Angelica Lao) about giving people second chances.

Mom, you also need a tribe. One thing we truly appreciate from Marry Me, Marry You is the emphasis on friendships as essential to the soul. Marvi may be the Tita to always shed buckets of tears over life’s struggles and pain but the good thing is she has her ‘Mars’ Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) and Paula (Sunshine Dizon) to join her in the ugly crying – giving her comfort, support, and motivation.  

It’s okay to have an opinion on your children’s personal affairs but remember they’re also evolving into their own person, so listen to their sides as well. Case in point- Marvi’s reaction to Jamie and Xavier (Keann Johnson)’s closeness.

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