Funny and ‘palaban’ moments of Paula in “Marry Me Marry You” single moms could relate to!

One pattern of filial relationships tackled in Marry Me Marry You touches on the inspiring story of single parent Paula (Sunshine Dizon). As we think back on the highlights of the show, we’re collating Paula’s best moments casting light on her fascinating life experiences that are a hundred percent relatable and true.

“Mabait? Eh, nang-agaw nga ng asawa. Mas mabait pa nga ‘yung daga, eh kasi ‘yung daga, alam na ‘yung tira-tira lang ang titirahin.”

Paula’s hilarious reaction when her daughter, Koleene (Analain Salvador), asked permission to spend the weekend with Aljo (Joko Diaz) reflects the dilemmas of co-parenting. Paula is embittered by Aljo leaving them for another woman. But, what she finds more annoying is the fact that the mistress-turned-fiancée, Bella, is present during Aljo’s parenting time. As the setup continued, Paula recognized that her daughter also needs to have a relationship with her father.      

 “Pakiramdam ko talaga minsan parang mag-isa na lang ako sa mundo. Minsan nga naaawa na ako sa sarili ko. Pakiramdam ko wala nang magmamahal sa akin.” Admit it, dramatic monologues strike once in a while. Solo parenting can be hard – and lonely.  You crave companionship. 

“Kakabayad ko lang ng utang, may utang na naman ako? Ano ba naman ‘yan?! Wala na ba talagang katapusan?”

Then, there’s the incessant bills and worrying about money, which actually pushes you to work hard. You’re also lucky if you have family members that help you get things done as Camille (Janine Gutierrez) saved Paula from a monthly due.

You have been single for a long time and had forgotten how to date. So when someone asks you out, you panic with the overwhelming feeling of excitement and ransack your closet to look your best. That’s how Paula acted when Luke (Fino Herrera) asked her out on a date. The good thing is she has ‘kumares’ to borrow clothes and shoes from.

Wow! Non-biodegradable ka, Ma?”

First true-to-life moment in this scene: ‘Plastikan’ with your ex’s new girlfriend Lol. Then, there’s the common scenario of trying to keep your new relationship a secret because you’re not yet ready to tell your kid. However, the more you hide, the more things become complicated.

You hesitate to introduce your new boyfriend even to your friends because either you’re afraid of their judgment or you’re no longer used to bringing a guy during ‘barkada’ dates. Paula also had doubts since Luke is way younger than her. Yet the meeting turned out fine and super hilarious! We’re so happy Paula has come across a guy who is naturally nurturing, loving, appreciative, and isn’t afraid to show his affection for her.

With a fresh relationship comes a new bout of in-law problems. Well, not every mom would like to see her son dating a single mother especially if it’s a May-December relationship. Paula struggled to get the approval of Luke’s mother, Grace (Jenny Miller). But with consistency, grit, and a little help from destiny, she eventually won her trust.  

Single moms also need a tribe. Paula is blessed to have Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) and Marvi (Vina Morales) to run to for some advice and funny stress-relieving conversations.  

 “Masakit na nga sa puso na makipaghiwalay sa asawa, masakit pa sa bulsa.” You suffer from emotional pain and financial woes amid the annulment process. But once it’s done, the feeling can be liberating – and dizzying when followed by a shocking marriage proposal. Lol.

“Hindi sila masyadong agree, o! Parang ang daming um-order ng ampalaya.” Sad to say but there remains a stigma attached to being a single mother. In Paula’s case, the judgment got worse due to dating a younger guy. Just like how she handled the insults, all you have to do is ignore and don’t let others have the power to judge you.

A healthy closure also involves the kids especially when they still hope their parents will get back together. Paula and Aljo explained to Koleene that while they can’t grant her wish to have a typical family, they’re still whole in a sense that genuine love keeps them together. The tear-jerker conversation was then followed by another marriage proposal from Luke. So, now that everything’s rosy and wedding bells will soon be ringing, Paula made a sharp ‘hirit’ about wanting Elvie and Marvi to be her ‘ninangs.’

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