Elvie’s words of wisdom in “Marry Me, Marry You” for married couples

Married life is not always easy. Along with comfort and bliss come challenges that will put the couple’s commitment to the test. Proof is Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and Andrei (Paulo Avelino)’s relationship in Marry Me Marry You. But during dark times, they’re lucky to have their mom Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) whose nuggets of wisdom act like a torch lighting their way. If you’re in need of words of advice about relationships and marriage, listen to what Elvie has to say:

“Hangga’t maaari, hindi ka pwedeng bumitaw sa pangako na binigay niyo sa isa’t isa.”

Marriage is not about giving up on someone. It’s a lifetime commitment. When Camille and Andrei went through a rough patch in their relationship, Elvie asked them to recall their vows instead of throwing in the towel.

“Itama mo ang pagkakamali mo. Harapin mo ang pananagutan mo sa asawa mo at sa anak mo kahit gaano kahirap.”

Relationships are already complicated when there are only two people involved and even more when a wife finds out her husband has a child with another woman. Camille was swept up in chaotic emotions when they learned Andrei is the biological father of Patricia (Iana Bernardez)’s child. Meddling with the issue, as everybody was hinged on unreliable feelings, Elvie thought the only solution was for Andrei to man up and face his responsibilities – as a father and a husband.

“Walang katumbas ang ligaya ng pagiging isang magulang. Pero kung hindi pa, kung wala pa, huwag mong sukatin ang halaga mo d’un para kay Andrei.”

Having a child is not the only measure for being a good wife or a woman – that’s Elvie’s woke advice to Camille, who’s struggling to conceive.

“Ang pinaka importante, maging matatag kayong mag-asawa kahit anong pagsubok man ang dumating.”

Besides, having kids isn’t always a guarantee to a happy, lasting marriage but how the couple does their part in keeping the union strong is more important.

“Dapat magkaroon ng lakas ng loob para magsabi ng totoo.”

Cherish honesty and transparency as they build a strong foundation of trust, which is essential in sustaining a healthy marriage. Also, they make things less complicated than when you have to live in guilt because you’re hiding something from your spouse.   

“Lalo lang lumalaki ang problema kasi hindi napag-uusapan kaya dapat mag-usap kayong mag-asawa.”

Elvie told Camille, who was then bothered by the changes in Andrei’s behavior, to have a clear discussion about her feelings. Communication is necessary to prevent misunderstanding.

“Sa isang samahan, mas nakakagaan talaga ng kalooban ‘yung napag-uusapan na lang ‘yung mga bagay-bagay tapos nahahanapan ng solusyon. Kung bukas na lang ‘yung lahat na makapagpatawaran, mas magaan ‘yun.”

Talk and be open to forgiveness in order to get rid of toxic feelings of hurt and shame. As Victor (Lito Pimentel) put it, these negative emotions aren’t supposed to be nurtured and grown like plants.

“Noong dumating ka sa buhay ko, naging mas madali sa akin na buhatin ‘yung nakaraan kasi alam ko may makakasama na ako sa lahat ng bukas ko.”

True love goes beyond the other person’s imperfections and broken past. It’s supposed to make you look forward to the future like how Victor’s love redeemed Elvie from her past mistakes.

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