Merrily Ever After Marry Me Marry You

Sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy.”

This completely describes how the journey of Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and Andrei (Paulo Avelino) to a “Merrily Ever After” had been as they went through a lot of ups and downs, hitches, and obstacles before tying the knot in a delightful holy matrimony that we’re able to witness in its conclusion on Friday, January 21.

However, before reaching the altar, the lovely couple and their family had overcome a series of unfortunate events that not only shocked, infuriated, and broke the hearts of the characters, but of the viewers as well. 


The mind-blowing, heartwarming happenings in the finale

The finale week started off in a high note through the intense confrontation between Camille and Lavinia (Teresa Loyzaga) on the latter’s wedding day after the former found out that her stepmother-in-law refused to help her while she was asking for help when she was bleeding – as what one of the maids confessed to her. Janine’s powerful performance in their altercation scene absolutely astounded the audiences as she’s able to exude the rage felt by her character Camille.



Lavinia tried to ask for her forgiveness and repeatedly told her that she’s already changed, but those fell on deaf ears for Camille was really eager to make her pay for her transgressions. She got arrested and was also accused of using the company’s funds to her evil schemes and taking part in the hit-and-run incidents of Andrei. 

Patricia (Iana Bernardez), the cunning partner-in-crime of Lavinia, were also invited in the inquest proceeding, but her former flame Cedric (Jake Ejercito) cleared her name by insisting that she was only threatened by Lavinia. Patricia was freed and then told Camille and Andrei that she and baby Jasmine are migrating to the US with her father Ben (Pontri Bernardo), to which Andrei highly objected. 

But Ben refuted it when asked by Andrei and told him to be patient with her since she’s going through depression. Andrei confronted Patricia at her condominium, but instead of having a peaceful conversation, they had a heated argument that prompted Patricia to throw tantrums. This led to Andrei accidentally hitting his head on the table and losing his consciousness after being accidentally pushed by Camille.

Meanwhile, Emilio (Edu Manzano) was also able to hunt down hired killer Brando Cortez and make her ‘fess up about the crimes he was paid to do. As Brando refused to speak and even attempted to kill him, Emilio’s dependable backups Myke (Jett Pangan), Victor (Lito Pimentel), Luke (Fino Herrera), and Aljo (Joko Diaz) came into his rescue. Brando exposed that it was actually Patricia who ordered to harm Andrei and Camille.

Camille was able to immediately discover it through Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) and Patricia, who was with her at the venue of their wedding, admitted that she was only compelled to do it because of her obsession with Andrei and that she had something to do with Camille’s miscarriage as well.



Fueled by wrath and desperation, Patricia held Baby Jasmine as hostage. As Camille tried to appease her, Andrei came and was able to persuade her to give their daughter to them. Just when they thought that Patricia had already calmed down, she suddenly pulled Camille off the rooftop with her. Patricia unfortunately died on the spot as she hit the ground, while Camille was able to hold on to the ledge and was successfully rescued by Andrei.

What came next was their much-awaited wedding, in which the cast were dressed in pink and white formal attires, while Camille mesmerized us in her gorgeous bridal gown. Flashbacks of their wonderful love journey were also shown as they exchanged vows and everybody were surprised to see Darren Espanto graced the ending to perform the series official soundtrack “Marry Me Marry You.”



Aside from Camille and Andrei, who were once again expecting a child, their family also lived “merrily ever after”! Myke shared that he finally got promoted at work, while his wife Marvi (Vina Morales) was proud to tell everyone that their kids Jamie (Angelica Lao) and Jomer (Luis Vera Perez) are honor students in school. Kelvin (Adrian Lindayag) got promoted as Marketing Executive at his Kuya Andrei’s company, while his parents Elvie and Victor are excited to finally build their garden. Lastly, Paula (Sunshine Dizon) was proud to not only have one, but two college graduates – her daughter Koleene (Analain Salvador) and her boyfriend Luke (Fino Herrera). She also giddily imparted that she and Luke already came up with a date for their wedding.



Viewers were surely touched by the ending, in which Camille read one of the notes left by her deceased mom Judith (Lotlot de Leon).


The rave reactions from the viewers

In its five month-run, Marry Me Marry You indeed never failed to bring good vibes, tears, excitement, and even valuable lessons to viewers in every episode. Thus, Kapamilya netizens headed to Twitter to express how both happy and sad they are as their favorite primetime series came to an end, and wished for a Part 2!

Some of them praised and thanked the cast and the whole Dreamscape Entertainment production staff for mounting a beautiful teleserye to which a lot of people could draw inspiration from or relate with, and at the same time be amused with. Meanwhile, others imparted some of their favorite scenes from the series, as well as their takeaways, such as what unconditional love and true family really means, how we should take responsibility of our actions, and that we should learn to let go and accept things that are beyond our control.

The ensemble cast are indeed commendable in their impressive and compelling portrayals of their respective characters, especially new Kapamilyas Janine Gutierrez and Sunshine Dizon, who were able to show us their different facets through this show. 

At the same time, writers Genesis Rodriguez, Abi Lam Parayno, Camille de la Cruz, and Wilbert Christian Tan also did a great job in coming up with a refreshing, relatable, and touching narrative that truly got us hooked. While seasoned directors Dwein Baltazar and Jojo Saguin were able to once again prove how great storytellers they both are.

Here are some of the rave feedbacks posted by Kapamilya netizens on Twitter: