7 things only newlyweds would understand as seen in Marry Me, Marry You

First comes love, second comes marriage, then… what now? As Camille (Janine Gutierrez) and Andrei (Paulo Avelino)’s story ends, we rounded up the most adorable and relatable things they experienced as newlyweds – from post-wedding blues to hotter intimacy, exciting changes and uncomfortable adjustments. 

The magic of the ceremony is starting to fade and you’re back to normalcy. As with other big milestones, the transition to newly-minted husband and wife sparks sentimentality and a little hint of fear. So consider it your first hubby or wifey duty to help soothe your partner’s anxiety. Positive words will make a difference.

Your first night as a married couple – believe that it’s going to be special.

Moving in can be a big adjustment, and even more difficult when you have a close relationship with the family you left behind. Camille was starting to miss her parents Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache) and Victor (Lito Pimentel), her Titas, and cousins a few days into their new home. Yet she found ways to soothe the homesickness like scheduled visits and virtual bonding.

You’d feel like you can’t get enough of your spouse and you want to be with him/her all the time like it’s just you two forever. This could also mean the coming days will be more spiced up.

Expect your spouse to just walk up to the bathroom and join you in the shower. And be nonchalant about it. Camille had the cutest reaction when Andrei did!

You’ll be asked about baby plans many times over. If it weren’t for her parents’ woke pieces of advice, Camille would’ve succumbed to the pressure. Like Camille, be at peace in knowing that pregnancy isn’t the only measure for being a good woman and most importantly, you would need to load up on patience.  

In-laws can sometimes be intrusive. Case in point: Lavinia (Teresa Loyzaga) and her exaggerated efforts to take care of Camille and her church wedding with Andrei. What Camille did is she learned to find balance in taking a stand and giving in.

Life as newlyweds is fresh and exciting, full of discoveries and surprises, yet there’s an inevitable adjustment period as well. But whatever season you’re in, you’re lucky to have your spouse slash best friend to navigate the challenges with.   

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