Riva Quenery vlogs set of Make It With You

As fun as it is to watch Make It With You, shooting the teleserye is even more so! From filming a sequence to the bonding moments in between, there is never a dull moment on the set of the primetime series. And we have Riva Quenery to thank for vlogging her day!

It was a busy day for the actress. At 5:30am, the sun was still hiding but she was already on her way to their location. During breakfast, Riva took the chance to chat with some of their team. Eventually, she headed to the tent and transform into Cassandra Dimagiba. Her hair was straightened out to look healthier while she did her own makeup.

Moving to set, you might recognize Billy’s house and the rest of the neighborhood that make up Nueva Valencia. There, the cast learned how to prepare the Dimagiba’s famous “mango essence”. Although, Riva seemed more into eating the mango. Finally, it was time to shoot one of their first scenes of the day.

By lunch, the Make It With You star woke up from a quick nap to film more sequences. “Wala ka talagang plano mag-vlog?” Riva asked Liza in between scenes. “Wala,” the leading actress replied with a laugh. But LizQuen fans can subscribe to Enrique Gil’s YouTube channel, The Gil Side. At one point, veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez showed off his on point Elvis Presley impersonation.

The whole Make It With You family also had a small celebration for Vangie Labanan’s birthday. There was cake and, of course, everyone sang “Happy Birthday”. “I am so happy, so pleased, na kasama ko kayo dahil napakabait ninyo at ang saya-saya natin dito sa set,” she thanked.

They shot scenes until 2:20am! It was a busy but fun filled day. Riva plans to vlog about their life on set again, hopefully when she has more free time to actually give a tour.