LizQuen Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge

“Just a disclaimer, I am not a professional. I have no idea what I’m doing, but we’re gonna have fun,” he started off with confidence.

LizQuen has never failed to make their fans feel the kilig, whether on a movie or a teleserye like Make It With You. Now, the love team has invaded the world of YouTube! In this video, Enrique Gil did Liza Soberano’s makeup for the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge. He chose a look to recreate. She tried to just sit tight and not give him any clues on what products or brush to use. On top of this, they also answered questions about their relationship!

The first step was her foundation. He just went for it without hesitation. Despite accidentally poking her eye, he managed to blend her foundation evenly. The next part was less relaxing. After a lot of thinking, Enrique decided to do Liza’s eyeliner. He was silent and intensely focused throughout this whole process. “He’s not even breathing,” she revealed. To finish the eyes, he went for the eyeshadow. Although, he used a highlighter on her lids.

The Kapamilya actor struggled most with her brows, probably because she kept trying to bite his hand. He wanted to redo them, but she wanted to move on. Liza can live with her brows, but his choice of shade for contour made her panic. “’Yung black ‘yung sinawsawan niya. I was scared,” she said.

Finally, it was time for the lips. He chose a bright pink shade. As much as she tried not to interfere, she gave up at this point. Enrique made mistakes and tried to correct them, but her lips became too dry in the process because of the cotton pads. “My lips are starting to hurt,” she said, forcing him to stop.

In the end, he was proud of his work. “Aside from the highlighter on my eyebags, it’s okay. Except for the lipstick too,” she commented. The Kapamilya leading lady is even willing to go out with this look, possibly on a trip to the sari-sari store.

As for some LizQuen fun facts, she usually wakes up earlier while he sleeps later. He takes longer to get ready and to decide. She is more dramatic and more responsible. Check out this video to see her final look and to find out all the LizQuen details you need to know!