Anthony Jennings and Daniela Stranner join forces in answering Wrecking Bowl questions

Rising stars Anthony Jennings and Daniela Stranner give us fresh visual experience by portraying the roles of Rhamboy and Cesca, the quarrelsome pair of Nueva Valencia in Make it With You. But will the new breed of love team perform well in answering hilarious questions from the Wrecking Bowl? We’ll find out.

The duo kind of sweated a little by the first question, “Bakit ang guard walang bantay?” Daniela tried her best and said, “kasi may safe guard na siya,” before giving her partner a playful tap in the arm. She cut off the laughter to expound what she meant. She clarified, “May proteksyon na siya,” to which Anthony added, “Mayroon na siyang dalang mahabang batuta.

Something tougher came next. “Ano’ng cultural explanation sa pagkembot ng reyna habang pumapasok sa bulaklak?” in the context of a popular Tagalog children’s play song. Daniela asked Anthony to save them both by giving a song-and-dance sample of the nursery rhyme. He refused, laughing. So, the pretty gal sang and thought the answer was, “boom yeah yeah”, prompting the confused Anthony to blurt out, “Anong mga sagutan ‘yan, Daniela?”

Daniela tried to be cunning and picked a smaller piece of paper, thinking that the shorter the question, the easier the answer. Did the strategy work? Maybe yes, as Anthony had a quick answer to, “Anong oras naimbento ang unang relo?” “Alas dose kasi napuyat siya kakagawa,” he replied.

When asked, “Pwede bang mag-dinner na may dalang lunch box,” she looked at him, jesting that he can relate to the question. “Actually ginagawa ko ‘yun dati,” he confessed. Anthony quipped that he used to eat dinner in lunch boxes and then take his friends’ left overs, making Daniela laugh out loud.

Catch Anthony and Daniela’s cute tandem in the coming episodes of Make it With You.