5 fun facts about Daniela Stranner of Make It With You

We already know her as Cesca on Make It With You. She is trying to put herself through school by selling paintings. This is how she met Rio’s (Katarina Rodriguez) brother Xian who is portrayed by Jeremiah Lisbo. She also happens to work for Tinapay Corner which is how she met Rhamboy who is played by Anthony Jennings. But who is Daniela Stranner behind the scenes? In this Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com exclusive, the 17-year-old actress is revealing five fun facts about herself that you might not know yet!

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Off set, Daniela enjoys playing football. As an actress and athlete, her diet must include a lot of Korean food since she loves it so much. The Filipino-German has strict parents, so she is currently homeschooled. Daniela tends to act shy when it is your first-time meeting, but she actually has a playful personality.

The Make It With You star got her ticket into show business when a talent scout from Star Magic happen to see her at a music festival. Eventually, she made her debut as one of the faces for Star Magic Circle 2018. Her batchmates include A Soldier’s Heart actress Charlie Dizon, “James and Pat and Dave” leading man Donny Pangilinan, Ogie Alcasid’s daughter Leila Alcasid, Tony Labrusca, among others.

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