Billy and Gabo are strengthened by comforting advice from Make It With You characters

No matter how old or successful we are, there will always be a point in our lives wherein we would need the advice of others, or at least their ears to listen to our troubles. Those who would know better, see things differently, or have more experiences in life could teach us a thing or two about handling problems, personal woes, or even momentary predicaments. In other words, they have traversed that same road we are just starting to pass. As such, it certainly won’t hurt if we hear them out, appreciate their presence, and contemplate all the helpful and comforting words we hear from them.

And, we definitely did get such calming, insightful advice from these characters, whose heartening guidance and counsel made a difference in Make It With You:

From Tita Jessica:

Tinapay Corner employees were celebrating Val’s (Brian Gocheco) birthday, however, everyone was surprised and they felt uncomfortable when Gabo (Enrique Gil) arrived. Billy (Liza Soberano) was there to somehow help Gabo in showing more appreciation towards the team. As he became uncomfortable with his staff’s reaction, Gabo asked his Tita Jessica’s (Pokwang) opinion about it. She told Gabo that if he wants to become a better, more effective leader, he should stop being harsh to them. To do this, he should lighten up a bit, take a well-deserved rest, and have fun.

The moment Gabo knew about her father Ted’s (Ian Veneracion) involvement in the arson, which Billy accused him of, he felt nothing but disgust. Unsure of what he’d do next, Gabo turned again to his Tita Jessica and told her everything that happened. She then told Gabo to do the right thing, which was to turn away from his father’s wickedness. She added he should make decisions that would benefit him and not based on his dad’s liking. 

Gabo was bothered by what he saw during a meeting with Billy and the board members. He saw that Billy was using the exact, same blue sandals that his “guardian angel” in Croatia was also wearing. He went to his Tita Jessica again to seek her guidance. She tried to ask Gabo what the whole story was so she can understand more and can give better advice. However, he seemed like he wasn’t still ready to disclose everything. So to help him, Tita Jessica provided Gabo a blank journal which can help him ease his thoughts.

Jessica has always tried to help Gabo and his dad Ted settle their misunderstandings. Most especially, she would always try to calm Ted down every time he gets angry at Gabo. For that, Gabo would always thank Tita Jessica. Moreover, he told her about his offer to Billy which was to have their signature mango essence in the product development of their business. She thought he should consider being closer to the Dimagibas.

From Helen:

Billy told her close and sympathetic friend Helen (Katya Santos) over the phone about what happened during her panel interview with the company’s Board of Directors. In the middle of their conversation, Helen ask Billy to go outside their house to have a better signal, only to surprise Billy that she was actually outside, ready to hear her out in person.

Billy and Helen talked again over the phone. Billy told her friend that she wanted to push through with her plans of going to Paris in hopes of reaching her dreams and moving on from what she had with Gabo. However, although happy for Billy, Helen thought that it would be hard for ‘Team Croatia’ to be together again and reunite as they were all going to different places.

Billy told Helen about what happened when she had a surprise encounter with Gabo in Nueva Valencia, in which he told her he was not the same Gabo she met in Croatia. Apparently, both she and Helen tried their best to understand what Gabo meant or what his intentions were. But even though they remained confused, Helen was there to listen to and comfort her.

From Yuta:

Gabo expressed his guilt to Yuta (Fumiya Sankai) after being harsh to Billy’s product development plans and saying ‘no’ to it even though in reality, he was actually impressed.

Yuta told him that he was just making it hard for him and for the both of them. Gabo then decided to be honest with Billy even though it may make her decide to leave him.

Gabo shared again to Yuta how things have been going with him, with his business, and with Billy. He updated Yuta that Billy finally became a supplier of Tinapay Corner through their family’s signature mango jam products. Billy, Gabo told him, was firm with her decision to get her scholarship in Paris. He, on the other hand, was starting his life again in the Philippines. Yuta told him that with everything that he does, he should always follow what his heart says instead of what his mind tells him.

These characters’ thought provoking advice and comforting presence certainly offered much consolation and guidance not only to Gabo or Billy, but to viewers as well. It leads to a crucial pivot in the narrative, and potentially life changing as well to those who absorb them.