WATCH: Ian Veneracion reads Thrist Tweets

On the primetime series Make It With You, he portrays Gabo’s (Enrique Gil) father Ted. He also plays a father in the latest zombie movie “Block Z,” this time for PJ (Julia Barretto). But despite taking on these dad roles, women of all ages are still falling head over heels for Ian Veneracion. Many of them could not contain their feelings for the veteran actor and just had to tweet about their hearts’ desire.

Anakan mo na ko.” This is how one netizen felt after listening to one of Ian’s songs. Another person felt the same urge just because of his handsome face. “Ang gwapo ni Ian Veneracion. Sarap magpalahi.” With his good looks, this reaction from women is no surprise. All he can say, however, is “sobra ka lang sa kape.”

Apparently, the Make It With You star’s charm is so strong that one person dreamt about hugging him for an hour. A Twitter user also wrote, “need ko hug and lambing from Ian Veneracion please.” The good news is that Ian loves embraces. “Gusto ko ‘yun hug kasi malambing ako,” he revealed. In fact, he is offering free, unlimited hugs if you see him in person.

One Tweet reads, “does Ian Veneracion even age?” This must be the big question on most Kapamilya’s mind. But does the answer matter? “Halos ka-edad mo na tatay ko pero ang yummy mo talaga!” someone stated.

Parang feeling ko ako si Christian Grey,” he thought after reading all these thirst tweets. Some of them he could only laugh off. If you want to see more of Ian Veneracion, then make sure to check out Make It With Youweekdays on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.