Superb, scintillating moments Liza Soberano showed her surprising hidden talents

She has the deific beauty that could sweep us off our feet and make anyone stop and stare at her for a few moments. But as we followed her flourishing career, Liza Soberano has proven that she’s definitely more than just a pretty face as she continues to impress us with her acting chops both on film and television.

And this 2020, she’s about to captivate us anew through her newest and most daring portrayal to date in the much-awaited primetime series Make It With You. Taking on the role of Belinda, a young Filipina based in the scenic country Croatia, the teasers and trailer released by the Star Creatives in the previous weeks promise us that we’re going to be in for a surprise, especially with the 22-year-old actress who’s set to astound us with her transformation.

And before we could see her playful and crafty side, let us discover first her other skills that would make us further believe that there’s definitely more to her than her mesmerizing flawless beauty.

She can drop beats perfectly

Who would believe that a girl like her that bears a sweet face and brandishes prissiness can rap like a pro? Well, Liza truly blew our minds when she performed a portion of “Love The Way You Lie” during her and reel-to-real partner Enrique Gil’s guesting in Magandang Buhay in 2017, not to mention while cooking her specialty!

She can sing


If she could rap, of course, she could sing as well! She might not have posted any video of her singing on social media, but we’re able to retrieve a video of her singing her 2016 single “Spark” live on MOR 101.9 Totes amaze!

And who could forget this sweet duet of “With You In My Life” with Enrique on MYX in 2015?


She can imitate others, especially Quen


As seen in this hilarious video, Liza does great, effortless impersonations, at least of Enrique, showing her kilig familiarity with her real-life boyfriend. Tit for tat, though, as Quen returns the favor.

She can play the guitar and does Muay Thai too!


Attesting to how musically-inclined Liza really is was her revelation during her appearance in Singing Bee in 2014 that she’s adept in playing the guitar. She even heeded to the request of host Amy Perez to give them a “sample” by belting out Fifth Harmony’s “Miss Movin’ On”!

Aside from that, host Roderick Paulate also disclosed that she does Muay Thai, which she confirmed by saying that it’s her workout for cardio and weight-loss.

She can distort her face and still look pretty


While many of us probably refrain making wacky faces in front of the camera as we dread the output of our shots, our favorite “It Girl” seemed not to care as she gamely exhibited two of her hidden talents – crossing her eyes and doing various tongue tricks. Sana all, right?

She can guess different kinds of sinigang



Almost a year after her controversial “sinigang” tweet, Liza proved how she a real sinigang lover she was by accepting the “Sinigang Taste Test Challenge” of an online lifestyle website with her loveteam partner and “Alone/Together” co-star Enrique Gil.

She impressively did great in the first three types bestowed to them, but had a hard time guessing the last two and she even alleged everyone in the room just making up their own “sinigang”. In the end, she scored 4 out of 5.

She can ace a K-Pop quiz



As she garners throng of solid supporters, Liza is a huge K-Pop fan too, most especially to the globally popular BTS. Thus, when her friend Robi Domingo challenged her and Quen to an on-the-spot “K-Pop Quiz”, they enthusiastically accepted it and won Quen’s sweet kiss as prize.

So, which of these hidden talents of Liza amazed you the most?

To find out the other things that she could do that you might have never seen before, you better catch her on Make It With You beginning on January 13, weeknights on Primetime Bida!