LizQuen teleseryes that made us believe in ‘forever’ through the years

They might have come from different paths and begun their careers in the local entertainment industry three years apart, but these didn’t hinder fate from intertwining the lives of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, who turned out to become one of the hottest and brightest tandems of this generation.

Enrique had his on-screen acting debut in 2008 via the afternoon soap opera Pieta, while Liza landed her first-ever acting job in 2011 when she was cast in the Wansapanataym: Mac Ulit-Ulit narrative. Both of them were paired with various partners, until their unmistakable chemistry in the 2013 Star Cinema romantic flick “She’s The One” as best friends-turned-lovers Gillian and David was noticed and they were bestowed their first-ever teleserye project together on the following year. And the rest, as they say, is history.

And this year, as they’re about to captivate us anew through their latest roles as Billy and Gabo in the much-awaited romance drama Make It With You, let’s revisit the teleseryes of LizQuen that didn’t fail to deliver kilig vibes and take a glimpse of what we’re going to expect in their upcoming television project via this feature.

Forevermore (2014)  

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Right from the very first time that we saw them on the small screen as they starred in this romantic-comedy series, Quen and Liza immediately got us smitten with their partnership.

The then-up-and-rising actress mesmerized us as the young and optimistic strawberry farmer Maria Agnes Calay whose quiet and simple life was interrupted by the unforeseen arrival of an arrogant and rebellious young man named Alexander who severely damaged their produce after he fell from his parachute straight to the delivery truck that contained their crops, thus his moniker “Superman”.

After his parents, who were actually hotel magnates, refused to help him to get out of trouble and instead made him pay the people of La Presa by working at the strawberry farm along with the family and neighbors of Agnes. That’s when they started to get to know each other deeper and be attracted to one another.

Unfortunately, various circumstances got in in the way of their blooming romance that tore them apart, including the Grande family’s acquisition of La Presa for a proposed hotel venture that forced Agnes and her folks to evacuate to the city. Both of them thought that they had already moved on since they already found love in their respective new partners and lived brand-new lives away from each other, but they’re wrong. Their paths once again crossed after a few years and they’re able to give their love another chance, paving their journey to forevermore.

Dolce Amore (2016)  

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In 2016, we were brought to the scenic Rome, Italy wherein some portions of this teleserye were shot since Liza’s character Serena was based there. Raised by her affluent Italian adoptive parents, she indeed lived every young girl’s dream of living like a royalty, but that actually didn’t make her absolutely happy as she felt that there’s a void in herself that needed to be filled – the truth about her real identity and where she came from.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Quen’s character Tenten also bore the same struggle for he’s already orphaned. But what made his plight more painful was being rejected by his real parents. As he lived with his adoptive family, he compelled himself to work hard for him to be able to help in their finances.

As if struck by destiny, Serena’s longtime search for the truth was yet to end when she wandered off and flew to the Philippines, a country she’s somehow already familiar with due to the stories told by her Filipina nanny. That’s when she unexpectedly (and in a very awkward circumstance) met Tenten, who was then just started on his new job. He eventually became her personal companion wherever she went and later on discovered that their lives had been interconnected ever since – that they were actually pen pals when they were still kids and that Serena was the long-lost daughter of Tenten’s foster parents.

Bagani (2018)

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We saw a totally different LizQuen in this fantaserye as it marked their first venture on the fantasy and action genre. Far from their teeny bopper roles in their previous projects, the reel-to-real tandem truly amazed us with their physical transformations, as well as with the improvements in their acting performances and the stunts and combat skills they showcased as the lead characters Lakas and Ganda.

Enrique swooned us as the courageous desert warrior Lakas, who yearned to prove his worth to his tribesmen after his family were tagged as traitors, while Liza charmed us with her ethereal beauty inside and out as the farmer Ganda.

Their first encounter might had been chaotic as they figured in a skirmish, yet their mission to protect the Sansinukob from the evil that threatened to destroy it and the beautiful relationship they established along the way made it possible for love to still grow between them.

Joining them were Matteo Guidicelli as the Taga-Kalakal’s Lakam, Sophia Andres as the sea-folk slave Mayari, and Makisig Morales as the adventurous forest dweller Dumakulem.

Make It With You (2020)

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And this year, the LizQuen tandem is ringing in 2020 in a kilig note as they star in the latest teleserye offering of ABS-CBN, Make It With You.

Marking the return of romance drama in the primetime block, Liza and Enrique are about to thrill us anew with their unmistakable chemistry as Billy and Gabo, respectively – two young overseas Filipino workers in Croatia who were both in pursuit of earning a living by taking on odd jobs and, at the same time, finding their real purpose in life.  

Seeing the trailer and teasers released by Star Creatives arguably made every Kapamilya excited to watch it, as those promised a more mature Liza and an extra charming Enrique.

Don’t miss the premiere of Make It With You this coming January 13 on Primetime Bida!