Endearing, surprise Valentine’s Day moments of LizQuen through the years

Through the years, Make It With You lead stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil showed that the celebrating the season of hearts is not only a Valentine’s treat, but also something they would embrace each moment they spend together. 

This could be moments spent privately or those times at work when colleagues and fans are smitten with their affection towards each other. 

What more when Valentine’s Day comes each year? 

We witness these expressions of sweetness, warmth and endearment in their Instagram posts when Enrique surprises Liza during this special day of love.

In 2016, Enrique surprised Liza with a special gift she long wanted. A cute pet dog—a shih tzu, which Liza later named Mikey.



"Be the person your dog thinks you are." 🐶❤️👩🏽

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A different surprise came in 2017, when Enrique actually left Liza in utter shock as she emerged from the toilet in amusing video that showed the gorgeous actress’ epic reaction.




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Then in 2018, Enrique turned serious in conveying what he truly felt about Liza, offering her a bouquet of flowers and stuffed toys, emphasizing that she is his “forever.” Liza would reply he will always be “everything she will ever need” and this time surprised Enrique with a sweet photo on her Instagram stories.




You’re my waking thought, my only dream, and everything i’ll ever need.

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And in 2019, while having their hands full in promoting their movie “Alone/Together,” Enrique did not miss the chance to again show his undying love for Liza with yet his “traditional” Valentine’s surprise- a bouquet of flowers and a huge balloon with a string of hearts!

This year, Enrique would continue his annual Valentine’s surprise treat for Liza, as they have been busy taping for their current teleserye Make It With You. While on location, Enrique entered Liza’s dressing room tent and gave her two enormous bouquets of red and blue roses that left the latter beaming and overjoyed.  

Enrique and Liza would then stand side by side holding the two sets of flowers as co-workers and friends take photos and videos with their cameras and phones.



Endearing surprise Valentine s Day moments of LizQuen through the years 1

Love is always in the air for this captivating twosome, who continue to enamor us with their affection and expression of love, on- and off-cam! And this endearing tradition of Enrique and Liza’s Valentine surprises show the true love they share.