WATCH: Enrique Gil’s Beach House Tour

From a floor dedicated to water sports equipment to a rooftop perfect for stargazing, the Gil’s family beach house is a manmade paradise!

Enrique Gil and his sister Andie Gil were both born and raised in Cebu. They still remember growing up surrounded by stunning beaches where countless family vacations were spent. So, it is no surprise that they are in love with the ocean. “That’s why it was always a dream of ours to have a beach house,” she added.

Today, however, Cebu is too far outside Metro Manila. With Enrique’s busy schedule as the lead actor in the primetime series Make It With You, he must not always have the time to take long trips. As a solution, their family got a beach house in Batangas! Construction started back in 2014 and only ended by 2016. It was an exhausting process because all the materials had to hauled on a boat to reach the site. The weather did not help either. But now, whenever they miss the beach, they only need to make a quick drive.

The first floor is the entertainment area. All of their water sports equipment is kept here. They have a crystal kayak, wakeboard, water skis, sea scooters, and more. There is also a shuffleboard, pool table, air hockey table, and even a mini basketball court like the one in arcades.

Aside from the games, this space features different nautical themed displays like oars and life preservers that were used in old ships. One side of the wall has an old fisherman’s canoe. In another, there is an ocean art feature designed by their mom Bambi Gil. Unexpectedly, they also have a bird sanctuary. Somehow, birds just decided to live in their garden.

The second floor is where the living room, kitchen, and pool are located. In the living room, there is a large sofa where they sit and have movie nights for the whole family. One of their favorite spots is in the kitchen because it is where their mom’s cooking is most easily accessible. The Kapamilya actor also has a shell collection on display.

The best part about this floor is probably the million-dollar view by the pool. “Paggising namin usually we just chill here,” Enrique shared. It is a saltwater pool which is healthy for the skin, nails, and hair because there are less chemicals.

The third and fourth floors are for the bedrooms and jacuzzi area. Enrique and Andie have their own rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Here, they have a lot of souvenirs from their unforgettable Fiji trip on display. They have a big room for guests with a secret room that provides more privacy. There is also a honeymoon suite for couples. More board games, water balloons, are other fun props can be found on this level. And then there is the jacuzzi area where they like to relax after a fun day.

The fifth and final floor is for the rooftop. This is the perfect spot for bonding with the entire squad or family. There is a tent and a firepit for making smores. At night, they can stargaze while sitting on beanbags. During the day, the view is just breathtaking. On one side is the ocean and then on the other side is all greenery.

“When you come back here parang ayaw mo na bumalik sa city,” Enrique said. The Gil’s beach house must be everyone’s dream getaway. Which floor is your favorite?