Eddie Gutierrez Annabelle Rama Couple Photos

With all the controversies, issues, and scandals that marred their colorful and exciting relationship, not to mention the differences in their personalities, it’s totally amazing how power couple Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama are able to keep their marriage strong for the past 38 years.

As they live a peaceful married life now that they’re in their senior years, it was totally different in the tumultuous, nascent years of their relationship.

How their romance flourished is not actually a secret to many of us who have been too engrossed with the lives of celebrities on-and-off-cam. As what we all know, their ties started out as merely a fan-idol relationship. Just like many of us, the young Annabelle used to be an avid supporter of Eddie, who was one of the top matinee idols in the 60s and 70s and sought-after leading man for the brightest movie stars like Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes, and Pilita Corrales.

Thus, in their appearance in the defunct ABS-CBN showbiz-oriented talk show Showbiz Inside Report in 2012, she proudly admitted that marrying her actor-husband was indeed her ultimate ambition. In that same interview they both recalled what transpired during their unforgettable first meeting, wherein the gutsy 15-year-old Annabelle courageously did everything just to get near to the 24-year-old Eddie when he and other superstars at that time had a show in her hometown in Cebu. She tried to reach him through the landline number he gave, but he was too busy then to answer calls.

Annabelle succeeded in encountering Eddie once more when she decided to go to Manila in hopes of seeing him again. Aside from having the chance to meet him anew and giving her phone number to him, she was also fortunate enough to get discovered and become a showbiz personality herself.

They started going out once or twice a week, but Eddie confessed not taking Annabelle seriously yet during those times for he was too preoccupied with work.

As time went by, their dates became more often, making her feel confident that everything was going according to her plan. However, attaining that ambition remained difficult for her as he kept on playing around and seeing other girls, thus, she had to resort on unconventional methods in order to secure her relationship with the man she loves.

When she got pregnant with their firstborn and unica hija Ruffa, Annabelle grew more possessive with Eddie and at the same time extra aggressive in confronting his supposed ‘starlets’. But this didn’t stop the veteran actor from his playboy antics and treating her not seriously, which totally exasperated her and made her to go to the USA alone after their second child, Rocky, was born.

When Eddie met a freak car accident, they became closer again as Annabelle called to check on him from time to time and invited him to join her abroad so that she could take good care of him. Bringing along Ruffa with him, Eddie did what he was told and there their relationship managed to prosper and become stronger as they lived a quiet and domestic life in the US.

Due to their firstborn’s prodding, they tied the knot on November 8, 1980 at the Immaculate Conception Parish, Los Angeles, California. They took on odd jobs before eventually putting up a kitchenware business, as Annabelle gave birth to four more of their kids – Elvis, twins Raymond and Richard, and Ritchie Paul.

After almost four decades of sharing fun memories and conquering tough troubles together, Annabelle and Eddie have remained indestructible and have grown stronger and sweeter than ever. Their extraordinary love story is a testament that no one can force anything, like a relationship, unless it is meant to be.  As what the often-quoted cliché says, “Good things come to those who wait”. Besides, their romance also gives hope to fangirls/boys out there who are dreaming of becoming the spouse of their ultimate celebrity crush as they proved it is really possible.