5 Most Lovable Traits of Issa

In the primetime series “Magpahanggang Wakas”, a lot of people really admire and love the character of Issa (Yen Santos). We have seen that she may be far from perfect but she has several characteristics that we should look up to. Even though she and Waldo (Jericho Rosales) didn’t end up together, she continues to show that she is a woman that deserves to be loved by a good man like Waldo. Before the series ends this Friday night, let us list down the 5 most lovable traits of Issa that we all really love.

1. Caring

Issa is a loving daughter and she continues to take care of her drunkard father Dante (Jeric Raval). Even though he hasn’t treated her well, she never gave up on him and still loves him despite everything.

2. Compassionate

Issa is someone who is willing to fight for her friend and loved ones. When Waldo was having an argument with Engr. Comia (Jay Gonzaga) after his design got stolen, Issa didn’t hesitate to defend Waldo.

3. Candid

Issa is someone very candid, that is why she is often misunderstood as tactless. She assured Waldo that it wouldn’t be impossible that he’d get a promotion because of his hardwork and good characteristics.

4. Compelling

Issa is really good at convincing and persuading people with what she wants. When she passed by Waldo’s office, she gave him some food and told him to take a break from work first so he can eat what she prepared.

5. Concerned

Issa is not afraid to show her love for the people in her life. When she saw some bruises on Waldo’s face, she showed her concern and asked him about it. She then tried to comfort him by giving him a tight hug to help him ease his stress.

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