The Lovable Side of Tristan

As the song says, “too much love will kill you”. In “Magpahanggang Wakas”, Tristan (John Estrada) is the greatest example of this. He used to be a loving man to Aryann (Arci Muñoz) but he eventually became a very unreasonable man because of too much love. Before the primetime series ends tomorrow night, let us look back at some memorable scenes of Tristan that really showed his lovable side.


Tristan showed his compassionate side when Aryann nervously went to his room and apologized for being late. She cried as she began to remove her clothing, telling Tristan that she’s doing everything for the sake of the person she loves. Tristan looked at her and and felt pity for her.

Tristan continued to show his sympathy when he decided to give Aryann a lot of money despite what happened. She felt overjoyed because she could finally get Waldo (Jericho Rosales) out of jail and help him with his case.

Tristan also helped Aryann and offered her a job as his new secretary. He told her that she should work hard for the scholarship that she wanted and she gladly accepted his job offer.

Tristan proved he also has a romantic side in him. He invited Aryann to lunch and brought her to the place where he offered her the scholarship and job as his secretary. Aryann said that it was a special place for them because it was the place where she first said “yes” to him. Tristan then put a mussel on her plate which contained a ring, went down on his knees and asked for her hand in marriage.

Tristan once again showed his compassionate side when he decided to help Waldo and his family without asking anything in return. He asked Waldo to meet with him in his office. He then gave him a huge amount of money for the medical expenses of Kulas (Lito Pimentel), Waldo’s father.

Tristan also showed his loving side as Aryann’s partner when he tried to suprise her and cook breakfast for her with the help of Chesca (Maika Rivera) and Tiyang Rosing (Rita Avila). Even though he overcooked the pancakes he prepared, he served them to her and made her smile by saying that the pancakes were just well done.

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