8 Heartwarming Moments of the del Mar Family

Every night in “Magpahanggang Wakas”, the family of Waldo (Jericho Rosales) consistently shows us many values that families should have. Waldo, Tatay Kulas (Lito Pimentel), King (Jomari Angeles) and Nenang (Liza Lorena) proved their love for each other despite the many problems they faced and taught us to always be positive in life. Before the primetime series ends tonight, let us look back at the 8 most heartwarming moments of the del Mar family.

When Waldo’s good deed was reported on the news, Kulas scolded his son for being too impulsive and reminded him that he’s graduating from college soon so he didn’t want him to get into trouble. Nenang, however, was very proud of Waldo’s heroic act and told her son Kulas that he shouldn’t worry too much.

Waldo, together with Leila (Danita Paner), went home to his family after the incident and became very emotional when he was reunited with them after not seeing them for a long time.

Waldo went home and opened up to his family after seeing Aryann (Arci Muñoz) again. When he told them she was engaged with Tristan (John Estrada), they made him feel better by reminding him that he could still win Aryann back but Waldo said he couldn’t do it to Tristan after everything he did to help him.

Waldo’s family felt very proud of him when he told them the good news that he was already graduating from college and that he would also receive the highest award a student could get in his school. They hugged Waldo and celebrated this huge achievement.

While the del Mar family were moving in to their new home, Waldo opened up to his family about how he felt when he saw Aryann again. They advised to move on and give his love to other people instead. After their serious conversation, they made things light again and made fun of each other.

Waldo’s family surprised him and prepared a simple feast after they found out that he passed the Marine Engineering Board Exams and landed on the top 8th spot. Kulas became emotional because their hard work and Waldo’s perseverance was finally paying off.

King admitted to his family that he had academic problems. Instead of scolding him, his family made him feel better and comforted him. They also assured him that they would overcome this and that they should always just think positive.

Waldo went home tired but happy from the birthday party of Mr. Sandoval (Ronaldo Valdez). He happily shared to his father that he was appointed as the new CEO of the BBM company. Mang Kulas woke up everyone in the household and they celebrated Waldo’s newest achievement.

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