Team WarYan vs Team WaIs vs Team WaLa

In the primetime series Magpahanggang Wakas, Waldo (Jericho Rosales) has three important women in his life: Aryann (Arci Muñoz), Leila (Danita Paner), and Issa (Yen Santos). For the past weeks, their fans have been pitting these women and have created their own teams: Team WarYan, Team WaIs and Team WaLa. Today, let us analyze the three groups and what sets each team apart from the other two.

Team WarYan

Team WarYan vs Team WaIs vs Team WaLa 1



Waldo and Aryann definitely have unparalleled chemistry. Their history as lovers gives them an edge among the others. Even though they are no longer together since she is already with Tristan (John Estrada), we can still feel their love for each other. Will love be sweeter the second time around for these two?

Team WaIs

Team WarYan vs Team WaIs vs Team WaLa 2



Waldo and Issa’s relationship didn’t start out well. During their first meeting, she got mad at him and blamed him for all the unfortunate events happening to her. However, things started to change and the two eventually became closer when they became neighbors. They also have chemistry in a cute and unique kind of way. Will the friendship of the two develop into something even more?

Team WaLa

Team WarYan vs Team WaIs vs Team WaLa 3



Waldo and Leila’s story started out very differently. She took care of him after the incident and even pretended to be his wife. Without a doubt, the two look very good together and their chemistry is undeniable. Will the two end up as a real couple after their make-believe marriage?

Which team are you on? Who is the ideal woman for Waldo? Is it Aryann, Issa, or Leila? Share your comments below.

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