REVIEW: Jericho, Arci fascinate viewers in Magpahanggang Wakas finale

Truly, destiny overcomes any formidable ordeal and suffering, especially when two lovers share the same passion and love for each other all throughout the painful journey.

And that came to be as television’s classic teleserye Magpahanggang Wakas drew to a close in riveting fashion, as Waldo (Jericho Rosales) and Aryann (Arci Munoz) finally end up in each other’s arms in the same red Bangka where both started their perilous voyage. Everlasting love

Their everlasting love became all too real as a seriously wounded Waldo emerges from the lair of an illegal arms syndicate carrying the unconscious and gunshot-inflicted Aryann, who had been kidnapped along with Chesca (Maika Rivera), daughter of Tristan (John Estrada) and Rosing (Rita Avila). As they all escape from the syndicate’s clutches and Tristan’s wrath that led to his violent end in the exchange of gunfire and a bomb explosion. Waldo used all his remaining strength—after getting beaten, shot at, and bludgeoned—bringing his beloved to safety as she opens her eyes and realizes their love had endured and triumphed despite it all.

And because of this, where else can they celebrate their love but the same sandy paradise they both frolicked and relished in the beginning as one.


The marriage, it would seem, was just a validation. They shared their vows looking back at those horrific times lives of those dear to them had ended, how terrible circumstances led to their separation, and how they themselves had almost passed on—and declaring that for sure, they were truly meant for each other with the undying love they share.

The finale of Magpahanggang Wakas brings that resounding message—how true love can so endure the worst and succeed that even forever won’t be enough to share it. It also effectively delivers it with eye-catching visuals, superb acting, and other creative and production elements that made the show a must-see since its premiere four months ago.

Director FM Reyes brought it all together impressively, with both traditional and innovative methods in producing a compelling piece.

Biggest factors

But the biggest factors in the astounding run of the teleserye are the lead actors themselves.

Jericho Rosales proved how he continues to be among the finest actors in the country with his much felt, deep portrayal of Waldo since Day 1, giving his all to make the character not only achieve thespic merits but also effectively reach out to audiences.

And, definitely Arci Munoz further reveals how she has further blossomed as an actress, giving the right mix of effective verbal delivery and non-verbal connection with co-cast members and of course the people who were glued to the drama in their living room TVs or pocket mobile devices. Both have fascinated viewers with a portrayal of a love so true and lasts even more than forever.

What the audience says

It was really a resounding success in all fronts. This really reverberates with the audience, who have expressed their delight on social media.