5 Moments that proved that Aryann is an empowered woman

Every night in “Magpahanggang Wakas”, Aryann (Arci Muñoz) continues to show her strength and resilience despite everything. With her determination and willpower, she proved that women like her can overcome the many struggles and hardships in life. Before the primetime series ends this Friday night, let us look back at the 5 unforgettable moments that proved that Aryann is definitely an empowered woman that we should all look up to.

Aryann continued with her studies and used the letters of Waldo (Jericho Rosales) as her inspiration and motivation. She finally graduated from college and she expressed her gratefulness to her Tiyang Rosing (Rita Avila) by pinning on her the award she received. She has proved that women like her can achieve an education she dreamed of with hardwork and determination.

After the incident with Jenna (Gelli de Belen) and the violent and irrational behavior of Tristan (John Estrada) towards her, Aryann told Tiyang Rosing to pack their things because she decided to finally leave him. The following day, Tristan woke up to an empty space beside him on the bed. He went to the nursery to find the baby and his things missing. Their house maid then told him that Aryann, Rosing, the nurse, and the baby all left early that morning. She has shown that women like her shouldn’t stay in an abusive and unhealthy relationship and should immediately leave from it.

After discovering that Tristan tried to transfer their son to a different hospital without her permission, Aryann confronted him and told him that he couldn’t take away their son away from her. She has proved that women like her should fight for the right as the mother of the child.

Trying to distract herself from her problems, Aryann went back to work. When a woman cried for help after her child was taken away from her, Aryann volunteered to handle her case and help her. After hearing the woman’s testimony, she was inspired to fight for women’s rights, especially as mothers. She has shown that a woman like her shouldn’t be afraid to fight for what is right.

At the police station, Tristan continued to accuse Aryann of planning the downfall of Supreme Pacific and eventually the murder of Jenna. Aryann told Tristan that he had no proof of his accusations and that she would fight for the truth in court. She has proved that women like her shouldn’t back down from oppressors and abusive men and should always learn to fight back.

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