Waldo and the things he did for love

The primetime series “Magpahanggang Wakas” continues to show us how love can make us do things we never imagined we could do. Waldo (Jericho Rosales) for example risked his life several times for Aryann (Arci Muñoz), the one great love of his life. Before the series ends tomorrow night, let us look back at some unforgettable scenes that definitely showed the unbelievable things he did for love.

Waldo had a scuffle with Dodong (Justin Cuyugan) when he tried to save his girlfriend Aryann from being raped by her step uncle. When Dodong still didn’t stop pursuing Aryann, Waldo took a shovel and hit him with it until he lied lifeless on the beach.

When Waldo went out to look for Aryann to tell her how much he loved her and that he’s willing to fight for their love, he got shot by Armand (Allan Paule). Aryann tried to look for him but his body fell down the cliff.

Waldo once again saved Aryann when he saw that she was being harassed by a group of men at the parking lot. He immediately went to her and fought the masked men, who eventually ran off after he seriously injured some of them.

While Aryann was slowly crossing the street, a car was about to hit her but Waldo immediately ran to her and saved her from getting hit. Instead, he was the one who got hit by the car and was rushed to the hospital. He was accompanied by Aryann while Tristan (John Estrada) and Jenna (Gelli de Belen) attended the recital of their daughter, Cheska (Maika Rivera).

Waldo risked his life once again when he tried to pacify Gina (Precious Lara Quigaman), a furious client of Aryann, who was holding a gun at the parking lot. He tried to stop her and get the gun from her but he accidentally got shot instead and Aryann witnessed the incident.

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