Waldo and his journey to success

In “Magpahanggang Wakas”, Waldo (Jericho Rosales) continues to serve as an inspiration to many people. He showed that even though he wasn’t born wealthy, he was able to achieve his dream of giving his family a better life with his overflowing dedication and hardwork. Before the primetime series ends this Friday night, let us look back at the inspiring rags-to-riches story of Waldo and his journey to success.


Waldo lived a simple life and worked as a boatman. While at the sea, he and the rest of the boat’s crew tried to stand their ground against the Chinese coast guard. However, in the struggle, one member of the crew fell overboard and Waldo jumped into the sea to save him despite the boat’s captain saying they should leave.


After years of studying hard, Waldo finished school and finally graduated. Leila (Danita Paner), his father Kulas (Lito Pimentel), his grandmother Nenang (Liza Lorena), his brother King (Jomari Angeles), neighbors and friends prepared a simple party to celebrate Waldo’s achievement.


Waldo went home and gladly informed his family members about his new job for a company named Boat Builders Manila or BBM.

The CEO of BBM, Mr. Sandoval (Ronaldo Valdez), asked Waldo to play chess with him. Their deal was if Waldo won, he could name any prize that he wanted but if Mr. Sandoval won, he would take one week leave from work and Waldo would be the OIC while he was gone. In the end, Mr. Sandoval beat Waldo and he won the game.

Since he lost in the chess game, Waldo had to take over as the OIC of the company for a week while Mr. Sandoval was on vacation. His first day as the OIC went smooth and as he sat quietly his office, he smiled realizing that slowly, his dreams were coming true.

Since Waldo was doing well as the company’s OIC, Mr. Sandoval informed him of his plans to extend his vacation leave. When Waldo brought up the deal with Supreme Pacific. Mr. Sandoval then told him to think about it and warned him about Tristan (John Estrada). He then reminded Waldo that it’s good to have a heart but it is also important to be tough and wise when making decisions.

During his 75th birthday celebration, Mr. Sandoval announced that he was about to retire as the CEO of his company and that he was passing his position to someone younger who he believed could bring the company to higher heights. He then announced and appointed Waldo as the new CEO of his beloved company.

As he was about to give a speech, Waldo remembered all the struggles and hardships he went through in his life. He became emotional as he gave his message and promised the company’s employees that he would not waste this huge opportunity given to him.

After his appointment, Waldo personally went to Mr. Sandoval to talk to him. He humbly thanked him for everything that he has done to help him and his family.

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