REVIEW: The classic teleserye is back with the riveting Magpahanggang Wakas

Finally, a classic teleserye to scintillate the senses.

In the tradition of those grandiose dramas that filled weeknights of old, Magpahanggang Wakas brings the endearing format to the hilt, all with the heart-tugging scenes and shocking and intriguing twists and turns we have loved through the years.

And we’re happy it’s truly back, igniting once more the viewer’s penchant for eager anticipation each night.

Gripping tale

The pilot episode truly drew that kind of excitement as Waldo (Jericho Rosales) began the gripping tale with a heartfelt flashback of how genuine and how deep his love is for Aryann (Arci Munoz). From the time they shared their intimacy with frequent trips to the beach by their fishing village to actually sharing his life savings to help his dearest pay for her Tiya Rosing’s (Rita Avila) hospital bills for a kidney operation.

While Waldo is enjoying the kindness and the warmth of a closely knit family with his supportive father Kulas (Lito Pimentel) and loving grandmother Nenang (Liza Lorena), Aryann tragically is stifled with the viciousness and heartless watch of her Tiya Rosing and Tiyo Dodong (Justin Cuyugan). Aryann would always tell Waldo about her maltreatment, especially in the hands of Dodong, who would hurt and berate her, and forcibly take her meager savings to spend it on drinking sprees—with Rosing giving a blind eye to his deeds.

Everything came to a head, when Dodong came home drunk and saw Aryann sleeping outside their house. He slowly came close and took advantage of her. Sensing that her uncle was about to go on top of her, Aryann woke up in horror and rushed towards her room terrified.

He told Waldo about the incident the next day and begged that he takes her to a faraway place to avoid the abuse she experiences on a daily basis.

Dreadful turning point

After Waldo assured Aryann he would do anything for her and prepare for their departure, Dodong catches Aryann leaving their house with all her belongings. Dodong then gives Aryann a chase, while Waldo desperately seeks her whereabouts after she failed to show up at their rendezvous. What Waldo discovers next will lead to a dreadful turning point in his life.

It is a captivating plot from the start, a sure winner in the eyes and minds of viewers. As the story unfolds, we would just wait in abated breath for what would unfold next. It is this uncertainty, the brutality, the mayhem, and emotional comeuppance in the face of adversity that draws everyone to their TV sets each night. And this new series will definitely bring that addicting behavior back.

Kudos to director FM Reyes for this awe-inspiring teleserye, which everyone will eagerly await each day. Those majestic landscapes and seascapes, impressive creative executions, and well executed scenes definitely leaves viewers breathless. Always the exceptional actor, Jericho Rosales has already made a great impact with his superb, effortless portrayal of Waldo, also meeting the character’s tough physical demands. We are also so impressed with Arci Munoz’s breakthrough lead performance as she delivers a natural, exquisite characterization of Aryann.

We would definitely like to see more of Rita Avila in the series, having paraded her brilliance in essaying the role of Rosing, whose significance in Aryann’s life will soon unravel.

After watching this premiere, we are definitely hooked. And so are these netizens: