Warm, sentimental convo about ‘planting seeds’ on Magandang Buhay with Piolo Pascual

Tears of joy came rushing as Momshies Karla Estrada, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros welcomed the viewers in the ‘comeback’ episode of Magandang Buhay, almost three months since production was halted. The sentimental yet happy reunion focused on the role of parents in planting the seeds of good values and skills, and helping them grow in their children’s hearts. 

Gracing the show that morning was Ultimate Hunk Piolo Pascual, to share how he reaped the fruits of the inspiration, lessons, and passion that Momshie Amy Pascual instilled in him. “Never namin siyang iniwan,” said Piolo, when asked how they managed to keep Mommy Amy fulfilled during the lockdown in the paradise they call home. Piolo and family were quarantined in his rest house in Batangas, where he got to experience life in its purest and happiest form. 

Piolo’s life for the past months was simpler yet genuinely blissful. Days would begin with a morning walk with Mommy Amy, and mostly spent farming and just enjoying a sustainable lifestyle, while marvelling at nature’s beauty. It’s been a back-to-basic ‘buhay-probinsya’ life, and Piolo counts the past three months as the most precious he’s ever spent with his family. He said these are the moments that money can never buy and memories that’ll remain forever. 

The experience reminded Piolo of his mother’s golden teachings about humility and being appreciative. “Hindi mo pala kailangang maging marangya sa buhay. You don’t have to show off and flaunt. You just have to really appreciate what life gives you.”

Of course, tear-jerking moments were served, in a true Magandang Buhay fashion. The hosts led us to the inevitable path of crying when they surprised Piolo with Mommy Amy’s video message. Trying to hold back the tears, Piolo confessed that he is a true-blue Mama’s Boy, adding that his mother’s presence would always want to make him want to crawl back to his younger years.  

Piolo returned his mom’s heartfelt words, telling her that he will always be around no matter what happens. “Kahit kailan. Hanggang saan. Kulang pa ang pwede naming ibigay for all the things that you’ve done but we just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us.” 

Piolo shared that independence, faith, and love for knowledge are among the greatest virtues Mommy Amy instilled in him and his siblings. And he passes down the Filipino norms in raising his own son, Inigo Pascual.  

The Kapamilya actor gave viewers a glimpse of his sustainable life in the province with his easy gardening tutorial. He opted for okra seeds, which can be planted even in small spaces, thereby demonstrating that greeneries and crops can grow even without a backyard, as long as nurtured with tender loving care.

Certified ‘raketera’ Momshie Lhani Clemente also shared how she managed to cultivate a bright idea amidst the dark times we’re all facing. On the verge of losing her job due to the pandemic, and trying to be of help to her OFW husband, Lhani resorted to a small food selling business. The resilience and resourcefulness are values planted by her mother, who used to work as a vendor. Lhani was a witness to her mom’s selflessness and hard work, so she was able to bring these values into adulthood.

The show’s resident life coach and psychologist Doctor Ali Gui explained the vital role of parents as the ‘gardeners’ of their children’s values and life skills. “What you sow is what you reap. Ang mga magulang ang nagtatanim ng skills sa mga anak nila, at hindi lang skills kundi pati na hard work. At pagdating ng time, nagkakaroon sila ng gratitude. Kaya importante  sa magulang na magtanim sa mga anak nila ng kaugalian para the end of the day, maganda rin ang i-reap nila.” 

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