Sweetest momshie moments on Magandang Buhay

We have watched these Kapamilya stars portray different characters on movies and teleseryes. On Magandang Buhay, they shared their role off set—being moms. Get ready your tissues and check out this compilation of the sweetest moments on the morning talk show.

A Momshie’s promise

“Mommy will always be here for you,” Beauty Gonzalez said to Olivia. She assured her young daughter, who was running around on set, that they will travel the world and maybe even party together when she grows up.

Andie Eigenmann vowed to be Ellie’s number one cheerleader. The actress only wants to guide her daughter, not dictate what she should be in life. “Whatever she wants to be, whoever she wants to be, I will accept her,” Andie said.

During Vice Ganda’s visit on Magandang Buhay, his momshie Rosario made an appearance too and even prepared a letter. She thanked the Unkabogable Superstar for everything he did for their family. Mommy Rosario could not be prouder of all the milestones Vice Ganda has reached. “Until now, I cannot still comprehend and believe what you have already accomplished in your life,” the letter read. In response, the It’s Showtime host talked about how his mother is his only source of motivation, “Maraming salamat at nakikita ko pa rin ang ngiti mo.

The Anakshie’s message

Dimples Romana’s daughter Callie got emotional when she expressed how thankful she is for all her mother’s hard work, “Even if I don’t tell you as much, I just want you to know that we appreciate everything that you do for us.” When Dimples’ son Alonzo was asked how much he loved his mom, the young boy’s cute answer was, “10 hours”.

Ina Raymundo’s youngest daughter made an adorable statement on Magandang Buhay too. “You’re the bestest mommy,” Minka said as soon as she was introduced on the show. Ina’s daughters are still learning Tagalog, but they had no problem sharing how great their mom is, especially her hugs.

Sabriya also had praises for her mom Jaya. “To me, her work is actually the best,” she said about the Philippine’s Queen of Soul. Jaya’s son Dylan was mostly shy during the interview, but he still wanted to be there for his mom.

Vico Sotto still remembers all the sacrifices that his mom Coney Reyes made for their family. “I know sometimes you don’t feel that appreciated, but I want you to know that we appreciate you,” he said.

When Elijah was asked whether he was ready for his mom Meryll Soriano to have a boyfriend, the kid maturely answered, “I’ve been prepared since I was young.” Elijah is surprisingly understanding and even listed the qualities he wants in mommy’s boyfriend: funny, sweet, and responsible.

Meanwhile, Miguel appeared on Magandang Buhay with a letter for his mom Eula Valdes.  “Bakit ikaw ang bida ng buhay ko,” he started off. Miguel talked about how the Love Thy Woman star raised and loved him. “At kapag tuhod mo’y mahina na, at ikaw ay pagod na, ‘wag ka mag-alala, ako naman ang magsusuot ng iyong kapa,” he read. This made Eula teary-eyed, like all of us.