Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez take on the Jinx Challenge

The big day for Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez is inching closer! Seven years and two sons later, the celebrity couple will finally tie the knot. But before they say their vows and I dos, we tested how much their minds think alike in this Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com Jinx Challenge! Based on a given category, the Kapamilya stars had to give the same answer at the same time. Otherwise, they had to complete a dare.

They did not get off to a great start. The first category was vegetables in the “Bahay Kubo.” Sarah said “singkamas”, while he said “sitaw.” But at least the first syllables are similar. Their dare was to select cute props for each other. Of course, she gave him the cute and fluffy rabbit ear hat. “This is your best life achievement,” she joked. Apparently, Zion and Kai would have loved seeing their dad wearing rabbit ears that moved. Meanwhile, he gave her a tiny hat on a headband. “Parang effortless naman ‘yung sa’yo,” he praised her.

The two also missed the mark when asked about their favorite dating place. “Ayusin mo ‘to,” she teased him. Instead, the results were “home” and “cinema.” In his defense, they had more than one favorite dating place. But this turned out to be a happy mistake since she seemed eager to do the dare. “Compliment each other for 10 seconds. Gawin mo nang 100 seconds,” she requested.

Sarah and Richard did score some points. They said Make It With You in the Primetime Bida category. Both of them named Vice Ganda out of all the hosts on It’s Showtime. And they agree that the best vacation spot is the beach.

In the end, they did not get all the points, but it is obvious that they are truly meant to be. If you want to know more about Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez, then check out their episode on Kapamilya Confessions! They talked about bonding with their sons Zion and Kai, wanting to work together for a project, and more.