McCoy, pangarap pa rin na makapagtapos ng pag-aaral

Magandang Buhay hosts Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal visit McCoy De Leon’s humble abode in Divisoria, Tondo.  The two headed to McCoy’s home, but in the process, had to search thoroughly around the area to find him. In the end, they were able to locate the handsome star, who was rearranging some carrots at the food stand in front of his house.

McCoy recalled his life as a child and spoke of his humble beginnings when he would run around outside his family’s house while they would sell fruits and vegetables. “Naglalaro ako rito. May mga pakwan na tinitinda dito. Pero sina Mommy na ‘yun at sina lolo at lola ang nagtitinda,” he said.

During their visit, the actor gave them a tour around the house. He also showed the MB momshies his other business venture which was spearheaded by McCoy’s grandfather. McCoy’s father, Daddy Mark, elaborated that this investment also helps the family with their expenses and needs. They were also joined by two of McCoy’s friends Noel Escalada and Patrick Sacramento. The three boys were schoolmates ever since, however they developed a stronger bond when they reached high school.

Daddy Mark also tackled on how he and the rest of his family are devotees of the Black Nazarene and the Sto Niño. He shared that their faith started when his wife had a close call when she was pregnant with their third child, but unfortunately lost it. After the incident, they kept praying that they could still have another baby. “Nag-pra-pray na kami sa Cebu sa Sto Niño at tsaka dito sa Tondo na magka-baby ulit kami. Tapos ‘yun, binigay sa amin si Marcus. One year binigay na agad,” he said smiling.

McCoy reiterated that he would to go to the processions of the Black Nazarene, a ritual that was influenced by his father who used to bring him along when he was a little boy. He stressed that until now he still joins the processions, but before he gets to the location he has to cover his face. “Bumaba lang ako malapit sa Quiapo, sa kabilang side ng Quiapo church. Tapos nillakad ko na. Tapos habang naglalakad ako, nakatakip. Tapos ‘pag malapit na ako tinatanggal ko na. Kaya ‘pag nagsiksikan na at makita ako ng mga tao, ‘Oy, si Idol! Gusto mo samahan kita?,’ he told the hosts. His mother, Sheila De Leon added that praying is imperative in their family, because it gives them strength and has united them as one. 

The Kapamilya actor showed Melai and Jolina his favorite part of the house, which is the living room area. He elaborated that the living room is his choice because it is where he and his friends hangout and bond; and added that sometimes they even sleep there. “Dito namin pinapapunta ‘yung mga kaklase at mga kapatid ko at mga kaibigan namin. Dito rin sila nag-o-overnight at dito sila natutulog,” he underlined.

While looking through some photos in the sala, Jolina and Melai couldn’t help but admire the images they saw, especially of momshie Sheila, who back then was definitely a sight for the eyes; while popshie Mark was quite handsome in his younger years as well. They also came across other family photos, and had a blast poking fun at McCoy’s child pictures.  Mommy Shiela shared that when someone told her that her eldest child would be famous, she didn’t expect it would be McCoy, because he was so shy as a child. “Hindi ako maniniwala kasi napakatahimik eh,” she stated. When McCoy’s father was asked by Melai on how he feels that his dream of becoming an actor was passed on to his son, Daddy Mark simply said that he is happy that McCoy was able to pursue it. “Sobrang happy, kasi ‘yung pangarap ko sa kanya na,” he replied.

When it came to the topic of love, McCoy pointed out that his parents advised him that it is best to pursue it at the right time. They revealed that their son is all out when loving another person, but has learned from his past experiences. “’Pag na-in love kasi ‘to, todo bigay. Talagang 100% kahit nung nag-aaral pa siya eh. Kaya kelangan pa naming i-guide,” Mark said. McCoy recalled that when he was going through some love problems with a girl, his mother just chose to give him advice instead of being a nag. “Sobra mo siya minahal kaya ka ganyan,” McCoy’s mother told him during the heartbreak. Notwithstanding the difficult period in his life, McCoy bounced back and chose to learn from the experience.

The Hashtag member underscored that when it comes to love, a person still has to know his limits and value his self-worth. “Once na napakita mo na ‘yung worth mo, handa ka nang maipagmalaki ‘yung taong mahal mo. Kasi pag love ka nang love walang mangyayari eh. ‘Di ka magiging masaya. Mahalin mo muna sarili bago mahalin mo ang isang tao,” he stated.

With his skyrocketing career, McCoy admitted that his time spent with his family has been compromised and there are times when he hardly sees them. McCoy shared that even his brother, Ian, told him that the family misses him, something that struck McCoy because the two brothers don’t usually express their feelings. “Minsan masakit talaga para sa akin na ang daming ko achievements pero ‘yung kapalit nun ‘yung time talaga nakukuha sa pamilya,” he said bluntly.

McCoy and his parents also had heartwarming messages for each other. His parents couldn’t help but stress that they are happy and proud of what their son has become. McCoy replied by saying that he is thankful that they are his family, who he considers his pillar of strength whenever he has problems. The actor emphasized that he doesn’t think he will be able to take it if something bad ever happened to his family. “Sobrang mahal ko lang talaga sila. Siguro hindi ko kakayanin kung nawala sila. Kung magkaroon ng magandang buhay, sila ang pinagmulan nun lahat. Kaya lagi ko pa ring sinasabi pagka nangangarap ako, ‘di na para sa akin. Buong pamilya namin ‘yung pangarap. At para magkaroon ng magandang buhay, lalo,” he stated turning serious.

Audiences are excited with the much-anticipated team-up of McCoy and Maris Racal in their upcoming projects. The actor said that this is something that he is looking forward to, while Melai added that she couldn’t help but get butterflies in her stomach knowing that they are being paired up again. The Magandang Buhay host even revealed that there was a time when McCoy and Maris almost fell in love with each other. “Talagang sila ang ‘Mccris’. At saka muntik na talagang silang ma-in love sa isa’t isa,” she disclosed happily. She added that as early as their Pinoy Big Brother days, Melai could tell that they were already fond of each other; and even admitted how they felt towards each other.

Blessings are surely pouring for McCoy, because not only is he talented actor and dancer; but a loving son who tends to his family and never forgets his humble beginnings.

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