Ano ang natutunan ni Julia tungkol sa pagkakaiwan?

You’ve seen our Magandang Buhay hosts do almost everything this summer! From fun-filled outdoor activities to cooking sessions indoors, it’s safe to say that Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal are outgoing troopers. Since they’ve practically done everything under the sun, it’s time to just sit back and chill by the pool with Kapamiya stars Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto.

Joining the MB momshies, Gerald took time to teach Pele, Mela and Jordan how to swim. Gerald also oriented Melai and Jolina on the rules about swimming and taught them what to do in case rescue operations need to be conducted. The hunky actor, along with Melai, even showed what to do, which was something our momshie enjoyed. The Magandang Buhay hosts couldn’t help but chuckle and blush while the handsome actor demonstrated everything to them. It can be recalled that Jordan and Mela didn’t seem to have a problem swimming on their own, but it was obvious that Pele was quite anxious and held on to Gerald. But in the long-run, with a few tips from Kuya Gerald, Pele was able to swim on his own. He even talked about how he learned to swim as a child, and he stressed that it was something that he learned naturally.

Now that Mother’s Day is around the corner, we all have plans to do something special for our moms. But Gerald admits that up to now, he hasn’t planned anything for his mother. The hunky actor underscored that his mom is very simple and is not at all materialistic. “’Yung mommy ko kasi, basta isang simpleng  bagay lang na mabigay ko, kagaya ng t-shirt tuwang-tuwa na siya. Dati sobrang saya na siya ‘pag nagagawa kami ng card sa school tapos may Happy Mother’s Day,” he fondly narrates. 

But now, the actor wants to give his mother everything, and recalled a time when he bought her a Bonggo truck for her pet animals. He stressed that one of the reasons why he joined Pinoy Big Brother, was to be able to help and provide for his family. The loving son explained that one of his main priorities back then was to build a home, because it was something that he knew his mother wanted. He also recalled that when he finally was able to establish a home for his family, his mother surprised him with a basketball court because she was aware of how much her son loved to play basketball. 

And with that, he also greeted his mom with a sweet Mother’s Day message, and also thanked her for everything, “Salamat sa lahat ng Mother’s Day na binigay mo sa amin at sa lahat ng pagmamahal.”

When asked how he and real-life girlfriend Bea Alonzo spent Holy Week, the actor disclosed that they did not spend it together. Gerald stated that Bea spent the holidays in New York, while he  was preoccupied building a beach house in Zambales for his father. He also had a sweet message for his girlfriend and thanked her for always being supportive and understanding. “’Yung pagiging supportive niya talaga, walang kapalit eh. Medyo mahirap intindihin lahat ng bagay na gusto kong gawin sa buhay, pero sinusubukan niya ‘yung best niya,” he said smiling.

Starring in the film “Between Maybes,” Gerald and Julia Barretto had the chance to get to know each other better on-screen and off. Gerald was very impressed with the actress’s work ethics, but he revealed that he wasn’t at all surprised because acting runs in Julia’s blood. “Nasa dugo din niya. So very natural siya na actress. She’s professional at magaan sa set. Hindi siya maarte at cowboy siya,” Gerald pointed out. He even commented on how fast she would walk, a habit that took him by surprise. However, the handsome actor admitted that at first, he had his apprehensions because of the age gap between them; but he eventually got used to it. When it came to his role, Gerald underlined that they don’t have anything in common, given that fact that his character is very shy. On another note, he stressed that they were so busy filming that he didn’t have time to work out, something that the actor does religiously.

On the other hand, his on-screen love interest Julia revealed that it was a good learning experience working with Gerald because he knew so much. She even called him a walking encyclopedia; and agreed with Melai, when the momshie host said that it made the experience more fun. The actress also said that she could relate to her character in the film, “Kasi si Hazel artista din siya sa story. Like kanina pinag-uusapan natin na, minsan napapagod tayo at kailangan natin magpahinga at mag-break. At ‘yun din ‘yung pinagdadaanan ni Hazel.”

Tackling on love, the two stars were able to give their own personal insights. Gerald believes that one should not expect too much from his or her partner, something that momshies Melai and Jolina agreed with. While Julia stated that acceptance is relevant when it comes to love. “Minsan you have to accept na lang na kapag may nawawala sa buhay mo kahit family, friend or kahit love life, it means they’re not meant to be in your life,” the young actress said.  Melai stressed that the only thing constant in life is change. Gerald added that all these realities about love can be seen in their movie “Between Maybes.” When asked what they want to be to their future partners, Gerald replied that he wants to be a good provider, while Juila chooses to be a caring partner; because she believes service is her language of love.

Since his father and his grandfather were involved in the military, people would expect that Gerald would follow through with the same career. However, the Kapamilya star still chose to continue with his career as an actor, a choice that his father always supported. He emphasized, “never niya pinilit sa akin na pumasok sa military.” He continued by saying, “Ang sinasabi niya, buti na lang hindi mo tinuloy.”

Julia admits that at first, her family shared their own apprehensions about her joining the entertainment industry, but in the long run, her decision was something that her family came to accept. Julia even underscored that she now understands why they were iffy about her entering the world of showbiz. “Siyempre at that time, hindi ko naiintindihan kung bakit. Pero now, super naiintindihan ko na. Kaya ako siguro protective sa kapatid ko na ‘wag na. Akin na lang lahat ng hirap, ng pain, ng pagod. If you could save somebody from all of that, you will.” she stressed. It can be noted that Julia was also referring to her baby sister Erich, whom the actress loves and adores. Julia disclosed that she is not so keen on her baby sister joining showbiz in the future, because she does not want her to go through the struggles that she herself had to endure.