The best celebrity house tours in Magandang Buhay

Beyond the theme and stylish elements that can be anyone’s peg, these Magandang Buhay celebrity house tours bare inspiring stories of hard work, making dreams happen, and living a happy life.

Angeline Quinto

Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs Angeline Quinto’s luxurious home is full of memories – both happy and sad. And she never minds keeping both. She started building her dream house a year after dominating the Kapamilya talent show Star Power. Angeline made sure that every detail of the house is a reflection of all the things she only used to dream of – including the high ceiling and green and white color scheme. However, just as when the construction was close to completion, her father passed away. Moving forward from that heartbreak, Angeline fills the house with vibrance and love.


One month postpartum, Pokwang and family welcomed the Magandang Buhay trio in their home sweet home. To celebrate Baby Malia’s first month of life, Jolina Magdangal’s son Pele, Melai Cantiveros’ daughter Mela, and Karla Estrada’s nephew Jordan joined in the kiddie party fun!

Jolina Magdangal

From the teenybopper who brought us some pop culture favorites, Jolina Magdangal transformed into a devoted wife and a mother, still in the public eye. But being long-time celebs didn’t exempt her and husband Marc Escueta from the typical grind. They had to work doubly hard and save up for one and a half year before ‘Casa Escueta’ became a reality. This makes each corner of their family house a product of sweat and blood. The couple was hands-on throughout the construction, from the conceptualization of the floor plan down to the tiniest details. Jolina described this feat as a dream that she will forever thank her husband for.    

Cristine Reyes

A cute snowy-white Maltese dog charms the visitors of Cristine Reyes’ light and airy abode. The actress specifically avoided dark colors. The decors such as the chandeliers reflect unique feminine elegance. But apart from the clean and minimalistic vibes, “compromise” is another dominant element that built the house.

Wacky Kiray

Wacky Kiray and his parents, who used to wash clothes to get by, lived in a small space in the city. Countless comedy bar gigs, tears and laughter, and a talent show win after, the comedian finally owned his dream house. Besides the 4-story rustic-themed property, Wacky also gifted his parents their own abode. This inspiring story reminds us that dreams have no deadlines and success is sweeter when shared.

Edu Manzano   

The Manzano kids might all be out there chasing their dreams in different directions. But after they hustle hard for their success, their feet lead them back the only place they call home – their father, Edu Manzano’s San Juan abode. The property once belonged to the sibling of Filipino national architect Bobby Manosa. It was later on bought by Edu and customized to his own elegant, artistic taste.

Rufa Mae Quinto

Posh and chic are two words apt to describe Rufa Mae Quinto’s loft-style, two-floor condo unit. A proudly Pinoy-made large brass gong on a red wall is seen upon entrance. Rufa Mae specifically wanted a high ceiling, saying she doesn’t like the feeling of being boxed. The spacious unit is just perfect for Rufa Mae and her little family!

Dimples Romana

Dimples Romana is the epitome of being ‘masinop.’ She has a lot of properties to her name but all these weren’t acquired just by magic. The Kadenang Ginto actress worked hard and juggled a lot on her plate until she and husband Boyet Ahmee saved enough to start building dreams after dreams. In 2018, Dimples took the Magandang Buhay momshies to her cozy abode, the first house she and Boyet acquired after renting a space post-wedding.

Team Kramer

To match their kids’ growing years and needs, couple Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Doug Kramer moved in to their new home in 2019, after almost two years of construction. The structure is spacious, modern, and definitely a ‘dream house’ for most of us. But beyond the elegant features, the Kramer abode is full of love, perseverance, and unity – the greatest foundation of an unshakeable family.

Anne Curtis

As Anne Curtis gave a tour of their old house, which she renovated for a more polished, modern look, we can’t help but adore the superstar’s humility. Here’s an icon who truly knows how to look back on her humble beginnings. It was where the It’s Showtime host lived when she first arrived in the Philippines. For Anne, the memories built in there make the place truly special.

Melai Cantiveros

Momshie Melai Cantiveros likewise gave us a tour of her grandparents’ ancestral nipa house in Bohol. Each corner of the simple abode witnessed Melai’s childhood years, and the humility that never fades to this day. Melai showed the whole interior including the sala where they spend siesta time, her own room, and the dirty kitchen referred to as ‘abuhan.’

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