Magandang Buhay Podcast Robi Domingo

Robi Domingo’s wedding to Maiqui Pineda is a testament to the enduring power of love and the miracles it can manifest. Join him as he shares what breathes hope into their lives as newlyweds amidst the challenges they continue to confront together, including Maiqui’s recent health condition.

This marked Robi’s first sit-down interview since officially becoming a married man, yet the emotions he felt during his wedding day (January 6) remained vivid in his memory. He described it as a mix of happiness, excitement, and sentimentality. 

In the days leading up to the wedding, he noted Maqui’s contagious excitement, which put him in the mood to reflect on their journey and the trials they had triumphed over as a couple. Around that time, he also started moving out of his parents’ home, hence nostalgia washed over him as he was reminded of the time when he was still young and single and dependent on his parents’ love and care. Join Robi as he relives the most beautiful and memorable parts of his wedding by listening to the podcast!

He also opened up about their struggle with Maiqui’s autoimmune disease, proving that love is about being brave. It was also through this test that Maiqui taught him the beauty of living in the present. “Lalo na noon sa mga moments na may pinagdadaanan siya na hindi niya alam kung may bukas pa, appreciate what you have right now and be thankful kasi hindi mo alam kung ano ‘yung susunod,” Robi expressed.

He was willing to postpone the wedding until Maiqui was fully recovered, but Maiqui insisted on proceeding because, to her, the wedding would keep her faith alive. “Give me something to hope for” was her exact words to him.

And this shared hope, courage, and steadfast love have brought them to the fresh beginning they are currently cherishing.

Be inspired by Robi and Maiqui’s journey in this episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast hosted by Regine Velasquez, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros.