Magandag Buhay Momshies With Husbands

It’s been more than a decade since momshies Regine Velasquez, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros married their partners. But the butterflies are still present. There was a warm glow of love as they talked about their first dates and happy memories as couples. Tune in to this kilig-filled episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast!

Regine and Ogie Alcasid’s first date was funny, one that made Ogie say, “Ay, ang weird!” He said Regine killed a cockroach with just her hand. They also shared an anecdote about Regine taking a goldfish out of a fish tank for him.

Meanwhile, Jolina and Mark Escueta had their first date in UP Diliman Sunken Garden. They sat under an old tree and the night sky. As for Jason and Melai, as we all know, they developed their feelings for each other inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

The couples went on to share how they overcome challenges in their married life. For Ogie and Regine, the greatest weapon against tests is prayer. They pray not just for themselves but for each other.

Miscommunication is a common conflict among partners. Mark admitted he’s a work in progress when it comes to communicating with ‘lambing.’ So, to avoid arguments, they don't bring up past issues that have already been resolved.

For Melai and Jason Francisco, no matter how big the problems they face, they would go back to their vows, implying that love is a choice we make.

Feel the love this Lent by listening to this episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast.